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13 Sins (2014)

Main reason why people already are 'opposed' to this movie is because it's yet another remake of an Asian horror/thriller. Granted that there is a good reason for people to get up their high horses, considering the long and extensive list of crappy Hollywood remakes of some great and classic Asian genre movies but of course there are also still plenty of remakes out there that at least are just as good and enjoyable as the originals that they are based on. Read more>

20 Ft Below: The Darkness Descending (2014)

Sometimes some movies are more messy than truly bad ones and I believe that definitely goes for this one as well. Read more>

The Pirate Fairy (2014)

This movie is pretty much up to par with all of the other Tinker Bell movies (yes, I'm a real expert on these movies...), meaning that it's a far from great or very creative movie but it's a perfectly watchable one for young kids anyway, especially for girls of course. Read more>

47 Ronin (2013)

For an action, adventure, fantasy movie there actually is a surprising little amount of action, adventure or fantasy in it. Read more>

Toxin (2014)

This movie really isn't THAT bad, all things considering. Read more>

Divergent (2014)

Not hating too much on this movie but to be frank, i just can't see how anyone could ever love- and totally enjoy this movie. There just isn't enough there to love or enjoy in my opinion. Read more>

The Bunker (2014)

Funny thing about this movie is that it has an estimated budget of $1,500,000. You can easily take a couple of zeros away from that number though and it probably would be far more accurate! Read more>

Perfect Sisters (2014)

Had some high hopes and expectations for this movie but like so often, the movie mostly was a letdown. Read more>

Bad Asses (2013)

Can't believe they made a sequel to "Bad Ass". It was one of the absolute worst Danny Trejo movies that I had ever seen, which is saying a lot, seeing how Trejo stars in at least 5 terrible movies every year. So is the sequel even worse than its predecessor? Surprisingly not actually. Read more>

Non-Stop (2013) (TV)

This movie is a bad and disappointing one, on many levels. Not that I expected much from this movie in the first place but it definitely had more potential than it ended up with. Read more>

The Den (2014)

Well, I sort of like these 'modern take on the "Rear Window" concept' type of movies but at the same time, they also still always seem and feel to be lacking something. Read more>

Gojira (1954)

Gojira, the king of all monsters, truly came stomping in back in 1954 and helped to change and redefine the genre. Read more>


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