Not hating too much on this movie but to be frank, i just can't see how anyone could ever love- and totally enjoy this movie. There just isn't enough there to love or enjoy in my opinion.

I really wouldn't call this movie a very entertaining one. There isn't that much action and despite the fast pace of the movie, I just can't say that there is an awful lot happening in it as well. And I'm not screaming for more action or any explosions but I'm asking for a slightly more interesting and engaging story instead, which is something that's sorely lacking from this movie.

it maybe isn't just the story itself but also definitely the way how it gets handled. The problem with it is that nothing really gets set up in a good or very effective way. I for instance just don't get the world of the movie and what it's rules are all about. It doesn't really ever explains why things are the way they are and why it works or doesn't and why things need to change or should stay the way they are. I also don't really get what the main character of the movie is fighting for or against in this movie. The trailer of the movie does a better job explaining things than the actual movie ever does! So in other words, it definitely is hard to ever feel involved with anyone or anything in this movie.

And I say I don't 'get' the movie but it's not hard to tell what it is that this movie is trying to do and achieve though with its story. It's one of those movies in which kids have to be like adults, in a dystopian future, in which everybody lives under the total control of the all knowing and all seeing, 'big brother' type of government. But instead of dealing with themes such as paranoia and oppression the movie feels devoid of any depth. It all feels too much like a fantasy to work out as anything realistic or convincing enough and I guess that's also one of the reasons why I often have a very hard time getting into these type of movies.

The movie does a poor job introducing any good tension, suspense and mystery into the story. It's a very flat movie, in which there never is a true sense of urgency and the main character for instance never seems to be in any real danger from anything or anyone, which is also really due to the lack of a clear- and constantly present main villain or evil force.

Not just the villains are lacking but most of the characters in general are. Aside from its main character, the movie does a shockingly poor job handling any of the other characters. Most of the other characters are terribly underdeveloped ones and all feel and look too much alike and seem interchangeable with each other. I also just don't really see what was supposed to be so special or different about the movie its main character and why she is the 'one' to go against the established system. And I, for instance, absolutely loved Shailene Woodley in "The Descendants" but in this movie she hardly made much of an impression. I believe that shows how lacking the movie is with its story, themes and emotions, since Shailene Woodley is perfectly capable of giving a solid and memorable performance, when given the right material to work with. Same goes for Kate Winslet of course. She is in this movie but everything is being said with that. Hardly a memorable or very impressive performance by her, or from any of the other actors in this movie.

It never feels like a totally terrible movie as well though but it's like I said before; there really isn't enough here to like or feel entertained by. There is no engaging story, with any deep and thought provoking themes in it and none of the tension or mystery ever gets set up or handled in a very effective way. It also definitely feels like that the movie could have used some more exciting and entertaining moments in it.

Not terrible, just extremely forgettable and bland.


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