Can't believe they made a sequel to "Bad Ass". It was one of the absolute worst Danny Trejo movies that I had ever seen, which is saying a lot, seeing how Trejo stars in at least 5 terrible movies every year. So is the sequel even worse than its predecessor? Surprisingly not actually.

If memory serves me well, the one thing that I absolutely hated about the first "Bad Ass" movie as its comedy. It was terribly misplaced, mistimed and horribly executed. It didn't even feel right for the type of story that it was trying to tell. Now, this movie is different though. It's obviously a far more silly and entertaining one and even the comedy works out quite well this time.

The story is still pretty weak and flimsy but you can say that it serves its purpose. It's just a very basic and straightforward revenge story, in which things aren't taken too seriously. It's a silly movie to have some fun with and I have to say that entertainment wise this movie doesn't disappoint.

It still isn't the best or best paced movie though. There actually are some slow point in the movie and it feels liked this movie should- and also very easily could, have been 10-15 minutes shorter. Also please don't watch this movie expecting to get a ton of gun- and fist fights. Remember that both main stars are getting close to their 70's now, so there really isn't an awful lot of running, jumping and fighting in this movie, though Trejo still gets to kick some but.

And as cheesy and corny as a movie starring both Danny Trejo and Danny Glover as two old bad asses sounds, it actually works. They are a pretty good team in this movie and play well off each other. Certainly no need to feel sorry for either of them for starring in a movie such as this one. The movie may not have the biggest budget, best writing or most impressive production values, it remains a movie that works out as some pretty decent entertainment nevertheless.

It's of course nothing too brilliant, original or surprising but it's a perfectly fine and fun little movie to watch.

They apparently already are shooting a "Bad Ass 3", starring both Danny Trejo and Danny Glover as well again. And you know what? I certainly don't mind it! I'm actually kind of looking forward to it now, after having watched this movie.


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