Sometimes some movies are more messy than truly bad ones and I believe that definitely goes for this one as well.

Wouldn't exactly call the movie confusing, since it's following a pretty simple story but it nevertheless is a very confusing feeling movie. It's because it's all over the place with its characters and after having finished watching this movie, I still can't really tell you who was supposed to be the main character in this. Was it supposed to be the Danny Trejo one? The journalist? Or maybe the ex-cop? I really can't tell. It isn't ever really following one main character but rather a whole bunch of them, The one moment the movie is all about person X, the other all about Person Y and the next it's totally about person Z, without having their stories ever come together in an interesting, natural, or effective enough way.

It's not really a pleasant movie to watch and follow, not just because of the storytelling but also due to the fact that this entire movie is set underground. It gives the movie a very cold and dark look and instead of working out as something atmospheric for the movie, it's mostly just annoying and depressing. The movie isn't fun enough with anything and it also never feels like it's ever going anywhere interesting with its story.

I have to say that I was still kind of liking the movie at first, when it seemed that the Danny Trejo character was going to be the movie its main focus. His 'story' and character at least seemed to be somewhat interesting but just like everything else in this movie; it's going absolutely nowhere.

Also don't really know how to describe this movie. Is it a horror? Is it a thriller? Is it an action flick? It's a bit of everything but at the same time, it's also none of it really. It's never scary or tense enough to be a thriller or horror movie and there hardly is enough action to call this an action flick.

Still I can't really call this movie a terrible one as well. Only movies that truly annoy, bore and/or anger me are bad ones in my book but this one never did any of that. It doesn't make this movie a good one but there is not enough there to hate either.

Really still can't recommend this movie to anyone though, not in the least also because I have absolutely no idea who this movie is supposed to be for.


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