This movie is a bad and disappointing one, on many levels. Not that I expected much from this movie in the first place but it definitely had more potential than it ended up with.

A movie can definitely be too mysterious for its own good and that's definitely one of the problems with this movie as well. It leaves you guessing, pretty much all throughout the entire movie but what's bad, annoying and frustrating about all of it that the movie is literally giving you absolutely nothing. No hints are dropped and it doesn't even gives you a clue about what potentially could be going on. It doesn't make the mystery of the movie a good or very engaging thing and since things aren't really developing, until the movie its final 20 minutes or so, the movie also does feel like a very repetitive and tedious one.

And once the 'big twist' finally gets revealed, it really doesn't make much of an impact. Not that it's very predictable but it's something very simple and the pay-off of the movie really doesn't feel very rewarding. All that mystery and dancing around for 70 minutes long, just for such a simple and basic plot twist, that's a far from creative and effective one. I would even say that it's the type of twist that makes everything that happens prior to the twist feel completely redundant. Most of the stuff that's happening in this movie has absolutely nothing to do with the eventual final 20 minutes of it.

The premise of the movie, in which a young woman boards an almost entirely empty plane and strange things start to happen to her, that even makes her question her own sanity at times, still sounds like a pretty good and interesting one but the movie is doing far too little with it. I say that strange things happen to her but is that really even the case? It's all so trivial and in a way she even calls it upon herself as well. I mean, she's constantly nagging that she just only wants to sleep but yet she continuously decides to go sit next to other passengers, even while there are plenty of empty seats on board, far away from any other passengers and she constantly keeps on bothering the flight crew about stupid little things. It's pretty silly to watch all really.

Most of the acting is absolutely terrible, with the exception of Lacey Chabert of course. Why isn't she in more and some bigger movies? And please don't say it's because of "Lost in Space"...Veronica Cartwright also shows up, which is nice but she plays a disappointingly small role in the movie.

It's not a completely terrible movie and far from the worst thing you could ever watch but I just can't recommend it to anyone as well.


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