A Christmas Star (2015) Directed by Richard Elson

This movie has its heart in the right place but it never quite manages to work out as a magical and captivating viewing experience as well.

This basically is a poor man's version of "The Odd Life of Timothy Green", which already was a far from perfect movie, with plenty of problems. It tries to be a magical and charming movie, without featuring the right type of story or characters. But yes, also story-wise this movie definitely shows similarities to the live action Disney movie "The Odd Life of Timothy Green", in which a child has magical powers and has to save her dad's factory from shutting down. So not the most original story imaginable but I feel that it's also the type of story that would have worked out better for a children's book for instance, that would have less trouble capturing a certain atmosphere and tell it's story in a more effective, magical way.

Because the movie gets told mostly from the perspective of the children, the movie also feels a tad bit too simplistic and childish at times. This approach also means that the movie for most part has to rely on the acting abilities of the young children. Generally speaking, most kids aren't very impressive actors though and that unfortunately goes for this movie as well. Both the humor and characters fall mostly flat because of that at times. Maybe it also would have been better for the movie if it featured 2 or 3 strong adult leads in it. Now all the adult characters feel like secondary ones, which is understandable and no doubt also intentional, seeing how this is a children's movie but it's not anything that works in the movie its own interest.

I also really don't know if young kids themselves would actually enjoy watching this movie. The story maybe is a bit too serious for that at parts and the movie also lacks some good comedy and magical or likable enough characters. Who knows, maybe in the hands of a better and more experienced director with children's movies it all still could have worked out. It definitely seemed to me that director Richard Elson was struggling at times to bring any magic to the screen and to tell the story in a both fun and compelling enough way.

And really, the elements and ingredients to turn this into a fun and charming little Christmas movie were all still there. It also means that the movie isn't the most terrible one to watch and it still has plenty of quality in it but it never quite makes use of all of its potential.

The lack of some good enough fun and the absence of some true magical charm prevent this movie from being a holiday must-see. No, not even Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson (who both have bit parts) can lift this movie up.


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A Christmas Eve Miracle (2015) Directed by R. Michael Givens

Ho, ho, ho, holy doodoo, is this movie terrible!

Normally the big problem that I have with Christmas is that they are far too sappy and over-sentimental movies to watch, with extremely exaggerated characters and emotions. This movie however is a whole different story! I have plenty of problems with it but its sappiness or over-sentimental elements aren't a part of it.

I just don't know what to make of this movie. Is it supposed to be a warm and cute family movie? A more serious dramatic movie perhaps? Or maybe just simply a holiday comedy? I think that it's trying to be a bit of everything, without ever turning into either a good warm, cute, dramatic or funny movie to watch. I seriously felt bored all throughout because there is absolutely nothing to the story and no real interesting dramatic or fun elements or any interesting dynamics between any of the characters.

Seriously, who are all these people? Apparently this movie is a sequel to a 2014 movie called "A Magic Christmas" but who has even heard of- let alone seen, that movie? This movie makes absolutely no effort to introduce any of the characters and let yourself familiarize with them. Perhaps it's my fault and should I first have done my homework but there also is nothing in the movie its title or about the actual movie itself that would suggest that this is a sequel to another movie.

The fact that you don't get to know anything about the characters makes them uninteresting to follow but next to that, they also come across as terrible unappealing ones. It's a weird Christmas movie cliché that some often feature the premise of a hard working parent in it. In this case that's the mother, who doesn't seem to concerned about her family life but rather wants to make as much money as possible and spend it on traveling the world with her husband, fantasizing about how life would be like without their kids. Yes, that seriously is the main-plot for his 'family friendly' holiday movie. It feels so wrong and the movie absolutely never succeeds in making any of it work out as anything engaging. You'll start to hate the mother character instead, who besides also looks like she has taken a few too many botox injections as well, making her terribly unappealing to look at as well. It shouldn't be an issue but it did really bothered me in this case. The father isn't much better though. He's too much of a pushover and barely even a character. But really, basically the same could be said for literally every other character in the movie. A Bunch of different characters show up but I have idea who they are and why they are even there. For some odd reason it also features the voice of Jon Voight as the family's dog, as a sort of narrator but what's even more odd about it is that there is hardly any narration at all throughout the movie. At first it seems like the story is getting told through the eyes and from the perspective of the family's dog but it's as if they had to abandon this idea during production, when it suddenly became apparent to them that Jon Voight wasn't going to be available for more than 1 or 2 days.

There is very little to the story. Where is the big conflict? Where is the charm and warmth supposed to come from? I just don't get this movie. It's also especially annoying how certain scenes just seem to go on and on without leading up to anything. There is never a pleasant pace to the movie, which adds to the reasons why this is an incredibly tedious and pointless movie to watch.

Perhaps it still all would have been watchable enough if only the movie had some more and better comedy in it. There hardly is any of that present though, while the movie itself still gets told like a silly holiday comedy. Too bad they forgot all about the writing.

This truly is a movie you DON'T want to find underneath your Christmas tree, or ever catch on TV during the holidays.


Submerged (2015) Directed by Steven C. Miller

When a movie has an original concept it's already halfway there. This movie however tries to be a whole lot more than its concept allows, which works in its disadvantage.

This sounds like an interesting enough and very straightforward movie in which a limo hits the water and its passengers have to survive and find a way out. And really, I would have been fine with a movie that focused 90 minutes on this idea and concept alone but the movie soon turns into something totally different. The flashbacks seem like an interesting idea at first, until it starts to become obvious what it's all leading up to. In a way the flashback form a more important and prominent storyline that the actual main storyline of having a bunch of people trapped in a limousine in dangerous, cold, dark water. It's an approach that isn't working out too well for the suspense of the movie and rather than adding to the mystery it makes the movie more unrealistic and far fetched than anything else really.

And maybe that's the most disappointing thing about the movie; it at first sight seems like it will be a good, tense, mysterious, claustrophobic and original movie but it's neither of those things, at least not to a strong and good enough extent. There is never a good sense of danger or panic as the characters get trapped underwater water, while still being inside a limo. The characters never seem busy enough trying to survive or all that concerned about their safety. They have 'bigger' and more 'serious' things to worry about it seems but I really wasn't all that interested in it.

The movie needlessly makes things hard for itself by over complicating its story and by throwing 2 or 3 too many plot twists and surprises. Instead of making things more engaging, suspenseful and surprising it actually makes things less interesting or effective to watch. Like I said, it goes at the expense of its credibility, which all is a real shame, considering this movie its potential, when looking at its main concept.

It's also really due to the camera-work and fast paced editing of the movie that none of the suspenseful and claustrophobic moments of the movie ever work out very well. It works disorientating and the fast pace of the movie results in it that it can never build any of the tension or mystery up in an effective enough way.

The movie also goes on for a bit too long. It just doesn't feel right for the movie to be set outside of the limo as well, without giving away too many about the final few minutes. I really do feel and believe that this movie should have embraced its simple and straightforward main concept, rather than making things needlessly overcomplicated by adding in too many characters, flashbacks and therefore also too many side-plots and random twists.

It's nothing too terrible but there clearly are more suspenseful and overall effective thrillers to watch out there.


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Pixies (2015) Directed by Sean Patrick O'Reilly

"Pixies"...Basically a movie about Tinkerbell's ugly cousins, without any of the magic and charm of a good children's movie.

Whenever I watch a movie like this I try to look at through the eyes and mind of a child. Would I enjoy watching this movie if I were still a kid? Most definitely not! It's simply no fun to watch this movie. It lacks good characters, a decent enough story and even comedy-wise this movie has very little to offer to young children.

I can't really even tell you what this movie is supposed to be all about. The story is that non-existent and terribly uninteresting to follow. It feels messy how the 'Pixies' plotline and human plotline rarely ever feel connected to each other, which not in the least is also due to it that it takes about 30 minutes before the main human- and Pixy character finally truly meet face-to-face. And to put that in perspective; the movie is only 78 minutes short, including credits.

The story lacks a good main plotline but also other basic things, required for a good and fun animated children's movie, such as a villain, funny sidekicks and some good jokes and other comical moments. I just really can't see how a child could possible enjoy watching this movie. There is just nothing good, fun or magical in it!

It isn't even a very appealing movie to look at. The animations look cheap and clumsy, such as the moment when 2 of the characters are supposed to kiss but the lips aren't even able to touch each other because of the poor animation. It probably was the only moment of the movie that made me laugh but for all the wrong reasons obviously. By today's standards the animations simply are not acceptable and with today's technology there also is absolutely no reason for this movie to look as bad and as cheap as it does. It's also kind of creepy how the main protagonist looks like a 40-year old guy, while his love interest looks more like a 14-year old girl, due to the way how the characters are animated.

It's a 'lazy' and simplistic movie in every regard. With its animations, with its story, with its characters but also definitely with its voice cast. All of the actors sounded disinterested and I don't even know why actors such as Christopher Plummer and Bill Paxton agreed to do this movie (well, money of course). There also was no reason for them to get cast. While watching the movie you'll have absolutely no idea that you're listening to the voices of Christopher Plummer or Bill Paxton. Their names look good on the posters and cover but their presence really doesn't add anything to the movie itself.

Do yourself- and especially your kids a favor and go watch another animated movie or simply a cartoon episode of a show on TV instead.


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Bound to Vengeance (2015) Directed by José Manuel Cravioto

This movie has mainly one thing going for it and that is its originality. But is it also enough to make this a good and interesting enough watch?

It's not really all that easy to answer. it's a movie with plenty of good elements but also one with plenty of things in it that prevent it from ever turning into a truly great- and absolutely must-see movie. Personally I do feel and believe that the originality is enough to make this movie a good watch but I also most definitely understand the people who see this movie as less impressive and even bad one.

Let's just say that it's a far from conventional movie, with its concept and way of storytelling. It reminded me of a whole bunch of other horror movies but the overall style and approach of it still felt good and unique enough to take this movie as an original one. It's also somewhat to truly call this a horror movie. Sure, there are plenty of horror themes and gore but it's best to see this as a thriller instead, despite its horror-sounding concept and visuals.

But also no need to overpraise this movie though. Sure, it's being an original one, for most part but it at the same time isn't always doing much interesting with its concept. It feels like the movie is mostly stalling at parts, just to keep its mystery going. It isn't always providing you enough information, which at times also results the movie turning into a slightly less interesting one to watch, instead of a successfully engaging and good mysterious one.

I also most definitely wasn't impressed with all of the 'twists' and story-developments. Things felt needlessly complicated at parts, which in this case went at the expense of its credibility for me. The movie also never truly hooked me, which maybe is due to the fact that the characters feel underdeveloped for most part. You only gradually get to know the characters, as the movie keeps giving you tiny bits of information, while the movie is slowly progressing.

The fact that the movie wasn't always the most interesting and engaging one to follow for me also definitely had to do with its dialog. While the acting actually is pretty, the dialog feels lacking. Maybe it's because it's never realistic enough, maybe because it's mostly going nowhere with any of the dialog between its different characters, or perhaps (and most likely) it's simply a combination of all of this.

It's an original- and no way near a terrible movie but it also most definitely isn't for everybody. It's worth giving a shot though if you're in the mood for something different and feel fed up with predictable horror/thriller movies involving a serial killer or a simple straightforward type of story.


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L.A. Slasher (2015) Directed by Martin Owen

It sounds like a fun slasher, it looks like a good movie but no, this movie in fact is a far from good or fun movie really!

It's one big mess! there's no structure. No good main story, no good characters, not a clear enough point. It's a real problem how this movie is hardly following any story or even hardly features any characters in it that you can relate with. I don't even know who was supposed to be the main characters in this and there basically also is no real likable character in the movie at all. Everyone basically is a despicable character, that you won't ever care about, also because you never truly get to know anything about them.

It's also incredibly annoying how the movie keeps jumping back and forth between all of its many different characters and story lines, that don't ever feel connected at all. It makes the movie both messy and confusing to watch, which is the main reason why the movie also never becomes fun or entertaining in anyway, despite its very self-aware, tongue-in-cheek type of approach. It's not a movie to take very seriously in the first place but then again, what's the point of watching it if it's never anything fun or entertaining?

And I guess that movie is very busy trying to be a social commentary on Hollywood, celebrities and reality TV shows and socialites in particular but if a movie isn't much good or remotely interesting to watch, it of course isn't a very effective social commentary neither.

I only hope that the film-makers weren't genuinely thinking that they were making some artistic and profound to watch, though I fear that this may very well have been the case. It's a very flashy, almost psychedelic like movie, using fast cuts, weird camera-angles and odd colors. But does it bring anything to the movie? Does it help the story, does it make things more appealing to watch? No, because most of it is awful and not even all that creative or innovative as it seems to think it is. It makes the whole movie more annoying than anything else really.

Not shocking, creative or entertaining enough for a movie of this sort. That, next to a whole bunch of other problems, makes this movie one that you should skip.


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Santa's Little Helper (2015) Directed by Gil Junger

What's this? A Christmas movie from the WWE Studio's? Well, why not, right? Luckily the movie is totally different from what you would probably expect it to be.

Sure, it's a movie from WWE, starring a bunch of wrestling stars in it but the movie itself actually remains a genuine, formulaic but decent, Christmas movie with plenty of entertainment in it. It most definitely is no WWE or wrestling propaganda. Sure, there are a couple of fight scenes but nothing too extreme or even serious of course. After all, it's a family movie, though I actually believe that this movie is still more enjoyable to watch for adults.

The movie features a pretty simplistic and 'childish' main story and concept but the humor seems to be mostly aimed toward adults though. There actually is plenty of sexual innuendo throughout the movie. Not saying that movie isn't suitable for kids though. It's a perfectly fine and harmless little family movie, with also plenty of fun moments and characters in it for the kids to enjoy.

It's a fast paced and pretty snappy movie, which really helps its comedy. It's never too childish, never too forced, never too self-aware. It's a well handled comedy that's clearly not the strongest or most original one around but really, it's far from cringe-worthy or anything terrible.

And for a movie that stars a bunch of professional wrestlers (though to be fair, there aren't that many of them in the movie) the acting is also pretty decent as well. Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin definitely is a pretty good and likable main lead, even while his characters starts off as a sort of Scrooge like character. He has plenty of charisma, never fumbles his lines and he's able to handle all of the comedy pretty well. He even is pretty convincing as a businessman, despite his bulked-up appearance. I also think that the movie made the right choice not to cast too many professional actors in this movie. It makes the whole thing a whole lot more credible to watch and it allows the non-professional actors to play off the professional ones, such as the more experienced AnnaLynne McCord and Eric Keenleyside.

The story remains a very simplistic one of course and in this case also a bit of a simplistic one. This really feels like a movie that could have used a few more extra characters in it, some more side-plots and maybe one or two better and more threatening villains as well. It's all a bit too straightforward and predictable. I also doubt that this is a movie you could watch multiple times and enjoy it every time you watch it.

Obviously far from the perfect or most original Christmas movie around but it surprisingly still remains a pretty good and definitely entertaining one to watch!


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Bad Building (2015) Directed by Philip Granger

Forget about all those 'poor' people who died inside the 'bad building' but think about the poor souls who have to sit through this movie instead. They are the ones truly suffering!

It's true that most modern, low budget horror productions aren't much good or original to watch but this movie isn't just 'not good', it's plain terrible! In more than a few ways it feels like an amateur production, that lacks a good story, with any likable- or well developed characters in it.

No wonder this movie is only 75 minutes short, it's an incredibly simplistic one that's almost entirely set inside an abandoned building. But even 75 minutes short the movie feels overlong. It makes the movie an almost agonizing one to watch, that never manages to hold your interest with any good mystery or tension for instance. The movie feels very random with its story and things in it are mostly going nowhere really. It's basically a movie about a bunch of people entering the one room and floor after the other, while occasionally running into some 'danger' or some weird paranormal phenomenon, that makes no real sense. All the rooms and floors look different, so it never actually feels like this movie even got shot in the same building, which works very disorientating and not in a positive kind of way.

It's not like this movie couldn't have worked out but one of the main problems with it is that there never is one clear main danger or mystery in it. In order for this movie to work out the building itself should had been turned into a character itself and while the movie tries to attempt this at times, it never even remotely succeeds with it. As a matter of the fact; the movie doesn't even seem to be able to handle its human characters well enough, so let alone a building!

There are quite a few characters in the movie but we literally get to know absolutely nothing about them. No interesting back-story, no good distinctive personalities to any of them. Seriously, who are all these people and why are we supposed to care what happens to them?

The movie feels cheap with its settings, story and characters but also definitely with its bad poor acting, lack of good editing and poor sound quality at times. It all adds to the reasons why this is a far from pleasant movie to watch. Everything about is below par and there even't isn't any good blood and gore or any original and fun killings in it for the horror lovers to enjoy.

It's a mess to watch, in which nothing good or interesting is ever happening. The lack of good storytelling- and film-making skills besides ensures that the movie never has a good and natural flow to it. Things just happen, without a good build up, which all truly helps to make this one of the worst genre attempts I have seen in a long while.

Yes, so maybe it's a bad building but it most definitely is a far worse movie!


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Christmas Trade (2015) Directed by Joel Souza

Oh yes, it's that time of the year again...The time of the year that multiple Christmas start to pop like a pimple on prom night. It's the time that not only in cinemas get flooded with Christmas movies but they appear on TV and on direct to DVD releases as well, in abundance. And no, noting wrong with a good, warm and family friendly Christmas movie but the problem with these type of movies often is that once you have seen one of them, you have seen them all.

There also definitely is little originality to this movie as well but that in this case only is a small part of its problems. It's not very creative, it's not very surprising and it 'borrows' a bit too heavily from other, more familiar and far better, family movies but it's the execution and combination of all of it that really makes this movie an incredibly redundant and forgettable seasonal movie.

The movie uses all of the familiar genre movie clichés, such as featuring a single and hard working parent and a young child who feels neglected by his dad. All the ingredients for the movie to feature plenty of clichéd dramatic and romantic side-plots, which indeed are all present in this movie as well. It however is as if the movie has absolutely no idea how to use any of the ingredients properly, to help to turn this into an engaging or remotely cute and warm little movie to watch. It has the word Christmas slapped onto it and it indeed is true that this movie is set around Christmas time but other than that there is absolutely nothing Christmas-like about the movie at all. Nothing magical about the movie- or even anything present in it that remotely resembles a good Christmas atmosphere. There is no snow, no Christmas decorations and characters walk around in short skirts and pants. as if it's all taking place in the middle of the summer. Seriously, were the film-makers even trying?

I also don't really quite get who this movie is supposed to be made for. It's a body-switch movie, which in itself is, next to being highly unoriginal, also a very simplistic and childish concept, while the movie its story lines and characters all feel a bit too adult and serious for a children's movie. I mean, the main-plot features a lawsuit storyline (the father character is a real- estate lawyer ) in that even I don't really understand. It seems to have its priorities all wrong. Instead of turning into anything cute or funny the movie is messy but yet also very predictable, with all of its story lines that never really come together or even go anywhere. You would think that once the father and son switch bodies, due to Tom Arnold's magical Teddy bear (yeah, don't ask) the two start to learn and understand from each other and grow closer to each other in a cute, fun and heartwarming way but absolutely none of that is ever the case. I don't even really what was supposed to be the message of this movie? Not that every movie needs to have a message in it but movie of this sort and Christmas movies in general, always try to send out a positive message, especially when it's primarily aimed towards a young audience.

Also problem with the whole body-switch concept is that the kid actor (Michael Campion) suddenly has to act like an adult and the adult actor (William Baldwin) has to act like an 11- year old. This results in some incredibly awkward moments and I don't mean that in a funny sort of way. It all feels far too exaggerated. The William Baldwin characters suddenly turns all childish and starts to drink apple juice from boxes during job meetings and falls from chairs because that's what 11-year old's do right?

Not very fun, not very original and most definitely not a very good Christmas movie at all.


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White Settlers (2014) Directed by Simeon Halligan

This sounds like a horror movie, it looks like a horror movie but no, it really isn't a horror movie as well.

It's actually weird how this movie presents itself as a horror movie to you, while in fact it's more of a "Straw Dogs" type of thriller movie. And when I say it's more of a "Straw Dogs" type of movie I actually mean that it's a very blatant rip off of the 1971 classic "Straw Dogs", which got remade in 2011 as well. And oh no, this most definitely isn't a very good or effective rip off either.

Just imaging an incredibly watered down version of "Straw Dogs", without any of the psychological aspects, suspense, story development or characters. This movie really doesn't have an awful lot to offer, simply because it isn't doing an awful lot in the first place.

It's pretty hard to describe this movie, since it doesn't just falls into one category. Sounds like a good thing perhaps but in this case it really isn't. Like I said, if feels and looks like a horror movie but aside from a few jump scares, it features no horror elements in it at all. Guess you could that it's still a bit of a slasher but it's a slasher without much violence or blood and gore though, so could you really call it a slasher? The story is more suitable for a thriller type of approach anyway but the movie itself seems to disagree on this. It tries to be as dark possible and look violent and suspenseful, without ever actually doing anything violent or truly suspenseful.

I keep saying this but dark doesn't equal atmospheric. It's one of those movies that seems to think that it's enough to feature a dark look, in order for it to work out as a suspenseful and scary one but forgets all about actually setting up some good tension, suspense or mystery with its story first. It just doesn't work like that and it only makes the movie a terribly flat and uninvolving one to watch.

At the same time, it's still really far from the worst movie you could watch. At least it isn't as formulaic and generic as the title and cover of the movie might suggest it is and yes, it also indeed still has plenty of good and original things to offer. Because it's far from a generic movie, it also is far from being a boring or predictable one, though that doesn't mean that all of its twists work out as good or effective ones as well.

I really can't recommend this movie, though there obviously are worse movies you could watch.


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How to Murder Your Wife (2015) (TV) Directed by Riccardo Pellizzeri

Don't worry, this isn't a movie that shows you how to actually kill you wife. As a matter of fact, it's more a movie that shows you how to NOT do it, which at the very same time actually is my main problem with this movie. Not that I want to kill anyone (yet) but it divides the movie too much into two separate parts, that don't work out together too well.

And no, this isn't a remake of the 1965 Jack Lemmon comedy by the same title. It's actually a movie that's based on a true story, that took place in New Zealand in 1977. It's one of those movies that makes you wonder how much truth is actually in it though. After all, it takes a comedic approach to its premise and features nothing but extremely exaggerated, almost cartoon-like, characters. This isn't really a complaint though, since I'm pretty sure that the movie wouldn't have been much good to watch without any of its comedy and lightheartedness but at the same time it also feels weird of course for a movie with a premise such as this one, that involves a murder and is based a true story, to take a comedic approach and to go for laughs, rather than any kind of drama or suspense.

I'm not sure if the premise itself was even good enough for a movie. It's only 'special' because it involves the murder by an elderly, tender looking, guy on his wife but other than that, there isn't much special to the story really. I kind of liked the fist half of the movie, that was all about the planning of the murder but I can't really say the same about the second half as well. So the first half is all about planning the perfect murder but once the crime is committed..well, it's far from the perfect murder really. The main character does the one stupid thing after the other and makes mistake after mistake. Really, the title instead should have been "How NOT to Murder Your Wife". All the hard work, planning and buildup doesn't amount to much, once you see the eventual outcome of it all. It makes you wonder; what exactly was the point of the first half of the movie?

Sure, it sets the tone and setups all of the characters for the movie but still, once the second half kicks on you'll soon start to realize that it's in too much contrast with its first half. The fun and lightheartedness of it all is still the same but the story does start to shift a bit. While the first half of the movie was still all about the Alf Benning (Simon O'Connor) character and told pretty much everything entirely from his perspective, the second half gets told more from the viewpoint of the police officer who got put on the case. He never shows up in the first half and the police doesn't play a role at all in it, so when it happens it all seems a bit too sudden and like an odd choice for the movie to suddenly switch sides. I have to say that it even made the main character look unsympathetic. In the first half you still were able to feel his 'pain' and understand his actions and motives but in the second half, when everything gets told from the 'opposing' side, he suddenly seems like a big, unsympathetic, fool. You even want him to get caught and convicted, which isn't an odd thing to want but it is for this movie, in which you are clearly supposed to care and feel for the main character, considering how his character got treated and the story got buildup like during its first half.

But really, it's just an harmless little movie to watch. Nothing too special or memorable but certainly nothing too terrible either. So its story doesn't also work out too well but luckily that never turns the movie into an horrible or annoying one to watch. It's definitely still a fun lighthearted movie, that's all about its comedy and never any drama or other aspects really.


Poltergeist Activity (2015) Directed by Andrew Jones

Oh no, Andrew Jones does it again. He took two popular and recognizable words associated with the horror genre, slapped them together and voilà! There's a formulaic sounding movie title for you! Good and clever marketing of course but at the same time also terribly uncreative, cheap and even somewhat annoying. When I see a title like this I'm even inclined to say that a movie like that already deserves a couple of points in deduction but no, don't worry. Once I got passed the title I was able to take the movie for what it was and I even have to say that there were some genuinely good and interesting elements in it.

The movie still remains a very mixed bad though. I for instance was really liking the movie when it was working on its mystery and setting up the story and tenons but whenever there was supposed to be a jump scare or other horror related elements in the movie, the movie fell flat for me. It's an odd thing of course; an horror movie without any good or effective horror in it and I also do believe that this is going to be the reason why most won't like this movie but to me it still luckily had some good things to offer as well.

I for instance liked how the movie sounds and looks formulaic but actually is a quite original one when it comes down to its story and the way it gets told. It most definitely isn't a predictable movie to watch and it does a pretty good job fooling its audience at times by turning into something different then you would expect.

It also has a pretty good style of its own. It doesn't try to rush things or feature tons of cheap jump scares in it. It really doesn't try to force anything upon you. Sure, there are still plenty of generic moments in the movie and it heavily 'borrows' from a movie such as "Poltergeist" at times but compared to 80% of all other modern horror movies this one definitely does a pretty good job with taking an original approach to things. It isn't one of those movies that feels or looks like any other, low-budget, modern horror production, which always is a positive thing to say.

In short this is a movie with plenty of good ideas and elements in it but not everything works out well enough though. All of the horror falls flat, which is the main reason why most won't like this movie but it's still one that never becomes terribly unappealing to watch. It's just too original and creatively put together for that, though I definitely wouldn't go as far too call this movie a great or totally recommendable one as well.


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Air (2015) Directed by Christian Cantamessa

The preservation of mankind has never been this boring to watch. I mean like wow! I don't have the attention span of a 10-year old but that doesn't make me immune to boring movies.

I just really, really don't get what the film-makers were trying to do and say with this movie. There is no good main story, no interesting characters, no good tension, no mystery. no nothing really. There is absolutely nothing in this movie to ever grab you or to peak your interest with.

It's obviously one of those slower and more serious type of science-fiction movies, which is fine and can work out very well, however not in this case. Slower and more serious type of science-fiction can be absolutely great and fascinating to watch, as long as they mange to deal with some interesting and thought provoking themes and issues. So what are the themes of this movie? I have no clue really. I also really don't know or understand the purpose of the whole story, that for most part really doesn't seem to go anywhere with anything. It's not that the story is complicated or anything, it's just that there hardly seems to be any story at all. It has an interesting sounding premise but the movie does absolutely nothing with this. It's a movie about some big themes and serious issues, however none of the themes and issues come across as 'big', important or interesting as well.

This all maybe still could have been fine, as long if the movie had some solid and interesting main characters in it. That not the case however. The characters are all flat ones, that you hardly get to know at all and there also isn't a very good chemistry between the two main leads Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou. They are too different from each other and never have any good or interesting interaction with each other. And we are supposed to believe that these guys have been living together for, who knows how long.

It's also funny how this is a science-fiction movie that absolutely never feels like one as well though. It's mainly because the movie constantly feature the same settings, that don't look futuristic at all. You never get a good sense of the world that it's set in, or a good understanding why things are the way they are in this movie.

It was obvious to me that the movie was being deliberately slow and vague about things to provide the movie with a certain style and atmosphere. All of these movies want to be the new "2001: A Space Odyssey" it seems but very little seem to understand what it takes to create a fascinating and engaging movie, that has a wonderful artistic style and is a feast for the eyes and mind. In other words; everything that this movie isn't.

Also it's disappointing to see how this movie isn't ever effectively building up to anything. There are some scenes in this movie that could potentially have worked out as some tense one but they never do. The movie seems to have no clue how to handle its tension or mystery and how to tell things in a both engaging and interesting way. The lack of good sound and music also add to the reasons why none of the tense moments in the movie ever work out as such.

I won't say that this is one of the worst movies of the year but it definitely is one of the most boring and forgettable ones though!


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