A Belle for Christmas (2014) Directed by Jason Dallas

Yay! Another sappy family Christmas movie! And not just that, it features a dog in at as well! In other words, this movie has disaster written all over it but luckily the movie isn't as bad as it all sounds and looks like.

To be honest, this is some perfectly fun and clean, holiday-themed, family entertainment. It never gets too childish and ridicules (no talking dogs in this one!) to watch and the characters are all very formulaic, yet enjoyable, ones. It's easy to make fun of Dean Cain for playing in dozens of family movies like this each year and for basically playing the same role over and over again but when given the right material to work with, you just simply have to say that he's quite good and likable as an actor in movies such as this.

But more importantly; the kid actors are all quite good in the movie as well. The dialog isn't always that great but at least the kids act, behave and talk as real kids do in this movie.

My only real serious complaint with the movie would have to be the fact that the dog named Belle doesn't play much of a role in this movie. It's weird, since this definitely seems like the type of movie to focus on the dog character and the story indeed does still mostly revolve around him (or was it a she? I seriously got confused by that) but the actual dog is hardly seen in the movie and doesn't get an awful lot to do.

The story, as simple and predictable as it is at parts, still serves its purpose for most part. It's fun but at the same time also still dramatic at the right parts without ever becoming too heavy with anything. There basically is a good and effective balance between all of its many different ingredients, which all combined turns this movie into a pretty decent and entertaining one to watch for the entire family.


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Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B (2014) (TV) Directed by Bradley Walsh

This movie most definitely is up to par with all of the other Lifetime channel biopics, meaning that it's not very good though and neither very interesting to watch. Not for the Aaliyah fans, nor for the more casual viewers.

The one big problem that I always have with these type of movies is that they feel like a 'telling of events', rather than a movie that is actually trying to tell you a story that is both engaging and interesting to watch. It feels like someone printed out Aaliyah's Wikipedia page and used it as a basis for the script. These movies never feel very well researched, not very insightful and always far too basic and respectful toward its main subjects. These movies will never say or do anything that is going to make its main subject look bad in any way because the movies are far too afraid to offend anyone and get into legal trouble with anyone over it. But by doing so the movie does actually still offend; it offends those who watch this movie and get presented with something that never gets interesting, engaging, surprising or insightful to watch.

Watch this movie and you'll learn absolutely nothing about Aaliyah's career, her music or her personality and personal life. Again, this is all because the movie is just a telling events and not one that ever focuses on setting up any good characters, build up some good drama or to ever have some surprising scenes or developments in it. It's an extremely flat movie, that basically does little to nothing with its story or characters.

I wouldn't even call this a very musical movie, despite the fact that it obviously still features plenty of songs in it. It however never feels like the core of the movie and neither does Aaliyah herself. This obviously is a big problem for a movie that presents as a biopic about a singer and performer. The movie lacks a good focus as well as a real point to it. Was it made to educate you? Was it made to entertain? Was it made to celebrate Aaliyah's life and career? I really can't give you the answer to that since I genuinely have no idea.

Things just happen in this movie, without a good build up of any sort. A direct result of this is that everything Aaliyah ever does comes across as effortless and everything just happens for her and goes exactly her way. It never feels like she ever has to fight or work hard for anything to achieve things. We don't ever see her train her voice, sweat, cry, fight, write her songs, develop her sound, choreograph her dances, or anything else along those lines. It's annoying to watch since not only does it make things look easy, it also prevents the main character from ever developing and going through some interesting transformations. She never runs into any real hard times or struggles. No, it's just basically a happy movie, that's not about the rise of a popular R&B artist and what this does to an average young girl (she only was 15 when her career took off) and her direct surroundings but a movie about an average girl, who remains the same average girl all throughout, doing nothing but average things, that just happens to make her successful and popular. But while watching this movie it never becomes apparent why she ever became such a successful and popular star and why so many people still mourn her less (that's not a spoiler is it?).

Of course the production values aren't too high on this movie (after all, it's a TV movie) but that really can't serve as an excuse in this case. Besides, it absolutely is the script, more than anything else, that makes this movie such an incredibly flat, dull and extremely forgettable one. Some of the actors still try really hard but there just wasn't anything good for them to work with.


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Miss Meadows (2014) Directed by Karen Leigh Hopkins

This movie somewhat confuses me and not in a very good- or thought-provoking kind of way.

First of all; it's a movie that's filled with contrasts. On the one hand Miss Meadows seems like a well mannered, sweet and loving kind of person but on the other hand she's a stone-cold killer as well. It doesn't matter much that she only kills 'bad' people, it doesn't make her less of a killer. And on the one hand the movie is trying to be upbeat, light and fun to watch but on the other it's also dealing with some dark and more dramatic themes. I'm not saying that movies with extreme contrasts in them can't work out but in this case there isn't really ever a very good balance between the multiple different themes of the movie.

Since the movie basically is about a vigilante, people will compare it to all of the Death Wish movies of course but it's a totally different kind of movie in my opinion and if I would have to compare it to something it would be the Showtime series "Dexter". Big difference though is that people actually could sympathize with Dexter and feel involved with the story and main character. I just can't say the same thing about "Miss Meadows" as well. Her character is too much of an odd one for that. It feels like her character belongs in a totally different movie with a totally different atmosphere and tone, mostly due to the way how the character looks, talks and acts.

But there also is a different reason why I just couldn't ever get into the character and get behind her actions. It's because the character just isn't a very interesting or well written one. The movie tries very hard to put in some extra layers to her character but fact remains is that the character never goes through any interesting or emotional transformations. The main character starts off one way and by the end of it, she's still exactly the same person.

It's also a bit of a problem for the movie that it's entirely being told from the viewpoint of the main character. This has as a direct result that all of the other characters, who seemed like potentially interesting ones, remain terribly underdeveloped and in some cases also definitely underused.

Not trying to sound too harsh about this movie but it feels like one big missed opportunity really. This movie very easily could have worked out as a much better one, with only a few minor changes and additions to it. Instead now, the movie misses the depth to work out as an engaging movie. I feel that somewhere in all of it. the movie was really trying to say- and do something thought-provoking and original but in the end, none of it came through as such. The story actually mostly comes across as flat one instead, that also relies far too much on bad clich├ęs and extreme stereotypes (priests like young boys, men are rapists and ex-cons are all evil crooks who can't better their lives).

Certain elements of the movie feel rushed and poorly developed, such as the romantic angle for instance. It seems like an interesting plot development; a vigilante falling in love with the police sheriff who's in charge of investigating the murders she has committed but there actually is absolutely never anything interesting, suspenseful or surprising about any of the romance. As a matter of fact; most things in this movie just happen and develop without a good build up. It all has as a result that there never is a suspenseful moment in the movie, never a surprising enough plot twist and never a powerful enough dramatic moment neither.

And speaking of rushed things...the final 20 minutes of the movie were absolutely horrible in my opinion. It was like the movie was desperately searching for a way for the movie to end and for it to end with a 'bang' but again; it all feels far too poorly developed to work out as anything engaging or suspenseful, also not helped by some absolutely awful and rushed editing.

On a more positive note; even though I didn't really liked her character, Katie Holmes' acting is really excellent and I wouldn't at all be surprised if she won some awards for it.

The movie seemed to have some good ideas in it and it definitely showed plenty of potential but none of it comes together well enough.


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Ardennes Fury (2014) Directed by Joseph J. Lawson

Well, it's a movie by The Asylum, so you should know what that means by now. It means that you are going to get a cheap knock off of a big blockbuster movie that's about to come out or has just come out. In this case, the 'lucky' victim is the WW II movie "Fury". Does this movie even have anything in common with the Brad Pitt movie? Well there are tanks in it...

But in all honesty, there definitely are far more worse cheap WW II action-flicks out there and you can definitely take my word for that. Not saying that this movie is much good but it at least isn't quite as bad and laughable as I expected it to be.

The 'positive' thing I can say about this movie is that it at least isn't following a story. Not a very solid, original or well thought out story but a story nevertheless. It doesn't dwell too much on anything and there are no distractions in the movie its story, which potentially so very easily could had turned it into an unpleasant and hard to follow mess. It's sticking to its very basic and straightforward story all throughout, which also means that there luckily is never really a slow moment in it and the movie never turns into a boring one, despite the fact that there really isn't an awful lot happening in it.

But sure, it's definitely true as well that there are far more negatives than positives about this movie. The acting for instance is absolutely terrible, especially from the actors who play the bad guys (yes, I mean the Nazi's). It also is the kind of movie in which you never really get to know any of the characters and you most likely won't be able to tell them apart or remember any of their names.

It's a movie that's going for action and entertainment, instead of realism, which is fine of course but the problem with the movie is that this is a modern movie set during WW II, which means that it's still having to rely on having authentic looking sets, costumes and props in it, for it to work out as an actual WW II movie. But it's all too obvious, from the start on already, that the movie clearly doesn't have the budget to ever let anything look authentic or even realistic enough. The CGI effects are especially horrible and unfortunately 80% of all of the action sequences use some form of CGI in them. But at the same time I still have to admit that I liked the locations they shot at, which in fact felt authentic. As far as I;m able to find out, the movie was entirely shot in Alabama, USA but it definitely looks and feels like it got filmed in Belgium or France to me.

It's not a very subtle, clever, convincing, spectacular or engaging movie to watch and definitely one you should avoid but there definitely are far more worse knockoffs by The Asylum- and other cheap low budget war movies to watch, out there. It's the type of movie that I would have loved to have made with a bunch of friends back when I was 16 but one that I would have never shown to the rest of the world, out of embarrassment for it.


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The Three Dogateers (2014) Directed by Jesse Baget

There never can be enough talking animal movies...on second thought; yes, there definitely can be. Every new talking animal movie that comes out nowadays seems to be one too many, not just because they are cheap and horrible to watch but also because they lack the spark of true imagination, magic and creativity that the early genre movies still had in them, such as of course for instance the king of all modern talking animal movies "Babe".

When watching these type of family- and kids oriented movies, I always attempt to reconnect with my inner child and ask myself; would I enjoy and like watching this movie if I were a young kid? The answer to that in this case would have to be; NO! Absolutely not. The adventurous element in the story isn't 'big' enough, the characters not likable enough (the voice acting really got on my nerves after a while), the comedy far too predictable and the dialog far too lame. It seems that sometimes film-makers think that they are able to get away with just about anything when it comes down to making movies for kids. But even kids, no matter how young and oblivious they are, have standards and you can't expect them to go along with just about everything.

The overall movie feels rushed, cheap (the 'effects' are all horrible) and poorly thought out. The story is about as basic as it can get and there is absolutely nothing about this movie that makes it stand out from any other talking animal movies, featuring cute looking dogs in them. It's really disappointing to see how the movie is lacking any form of true creativity and doesn't ever take any of its 'fantasy' elements far enough. This of course very easily still could have a cute and somewhat entertaining movie to watch, if only the story would have been a tad bit more original and surprising. It at the very least would have made things more bearable to watch but after only 15 minutes in, I was waiting for the movie to end already and the movie did absolutely nothing to ever change this. On the contrary actually.

'Good' thing about these type of movies always is that no one involved with it ever seems to believe that they are making anything actually good. They know very well what they are involved with, so they simply decide to go and have some fun with it. It provides the movie with some decently entertaining moments and a pleasant, fun, light atmosphere but it's just really too bad the story, jokes or any of the characters are entertaining or good as well.

If dogs running through parking lots, biting guards in the balls, getting a trouble with a dogcatcher, jumping through widows and drive cars around sounds appealing and entertaining to you, then by all means, watch this movie. If you expect something a little bit more creative and surprising, to also get you into the Christmas spirit (yes, it's a Christmas movie as well), then you definitely should go and watch something else instead.


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Reclaim (2014) Directed by Alan White

In short; this is not a bad movie but it ain't exactly a great one either. There is enough in it to call this movie a decent and original enough one but at the same time, it really isn't ever doing anything special or surprising as well.

Within its genre this movie really does work out as a fresh and original one. It found some new interesting angles to the whole kidnapping/disappearance of a person, in a strange foreign country, thriller sub-genre but by saying that the movie appears to be original with its story I'm really not saying that the movie itself works out as a very surprising or original one as well. No, the movie itself still remains nothing more but an incredibly ordinary and flat one, when it comes down to its emotions and tension.

It's not a thriller with any good tension. It's not a thriller with any good surprises and it's not really a thriller with any good action or other entertaining elements in it either. But is it a bad thriller as well? I really don't think so. Sure, it would be crazy for you to run over to the cinema to see this movie but once you catch it late on TV or find it laying in a bargain bin somewhere you most likely wont regret watching this movie or picking it up for cheap. It's doing all of the usual and formulaic stuff that you would expect to see in a movie like this but it's luckily doing most of it well. It absolutely never is a terrible or too far fetched and ridicules movie to watch and you most likely won't feel bored while watching it.

It truly is an average movie to watch, in just about every way imaginable. The movie is never shot, directed or acted out very well but still everything about it remains competent enough. It's obvious that this movie wasn't the most expensive one to make and especially when you are taking that into consideration you just have to conclude that this movie really isn't a bad one at all.

Foremost reason why this movie remains a mostly flat one, in terms of emotions, drama, suspense and other engaging elements is the acting. The characters really aren't all that interesting and the acting truly feels lacking at parts. Sure, John Cusack is always still good and fun enough to watch in these sort of roles but that at the same time is also the problem with it; he has played these type of roles over and over again already in the past few years and his role in this movie isn't exactly among the most memorable or best ones. Not entirely his fault of course. The script just doesn't ever offer anything out of the ordinary for him to do and work with.

It's not a bad movie, just not a very solid or memorable one as well.


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Blended (2014) Directed by Frank Coraci

Wasn't expecting much from this movie but it turned out to be way worse than I had ever anticipated!

It's of course an absolute requirement for a comedy to be funny and feature some good creative jokes and entertaining moments in it. I really can't say that this movie features any of that but that's only part of the reason why it works out as such an incredibly weak and even annoying movie.

Thing with this movie is that they obviously were going for a sweet and cute sort of approach with its story lines, different characters and comedy. It basically in essence is a movie about family and about finding love when you maybe aren't really expecting it or looking for it. It makes this a romantic comedy for the whole family but I wish I could say that I can recommend this movie to the whole family as well. At first sight the movie seems to have all of the right ingredients in it to turn this movie into a good, cute and fun one but the problem however is that the director and writers obviously had no idea how to use any of the ingredients to help to turn this into an actually good and cute enough comedy to watch.

it simply comes down to it that this movie is neither a cute and funny one to watch, at all. It fails miserably, which in my opinion still is mostly due to the forced romance in the movie. It truly is a big problem for the movie that there is absolutely no chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in this movie. Nothing about the romance feels natural or convincing and there is no reason for their two characters to fall in love with each other. They have absolutely nothing in common with each other and I just don't get what is supposed to be the attraction. It seems that the film-makers themselves realized this as well, which forced them to throw in a scene in which the two characters both simultaneously order some black coffee, after which they look at each other with a look of; 'Wow, we have so much in common with each other! We definitely should be together.' It's just one of those forced things that neither works out as effective or cute but rather as something stupid and unnatural instead.

It also truly bothered and annoyed me that this movie was partly supposed to take place in South Africa. No, nothing against South Africa of course but I definitely have something against the way the country gets depicted in this movie. But aside from that, there in my opinion also was absolutely no reason for this movie to take place in South Africa in the first place. It adds absolutely nothing to neither the story or atmosphere of the movie and most of the time it doesn't even feels like the movie is taking place in Africa in the first place. Now, could be wrong of course but to me it seemed like most of the scenes involving the Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler and other main characters were filmed in a studio or somewhere else outside in the good old US of A instead. All of the exteriors shots featuring elephants, rhinos, other wildlife, the natural environments and African sunsets feel cut in and they never appear in a scene together, alongside with any of the characters. But like I said, it also incredibly annoyed me how the country got depicted. There's nothing but tourist resorts and all of the locals only live to entertain and serve the wealthy tourists and are otherwise completely oblivious and stupid individuals, at least according to this movie. This movie in no way feels like it's actually taking place in South Africa and there is absolutely nothing or anybody in it that resembles South Africa or an actual South African. Now, I'm obviously not South African but if I would have been I most likely would have felt terribly offended by this movie.

There in my opinion also are only an handful of comedies that are 'allowed' to be 2 hours long. Not this one though obviously. And I really don't get why it's nearly 2 hours long either. It's not like it features a complicated story, with multiple different story lines and tons of characters in it. It's a very basic romantic comedy, with also a very basic story, that so easily could have been told in 90 minutes or less. It of course also would have prevented the movie from turning into a tiresome and repetitive one.

It's a fast paced- but not a very well paced movie, that keeps firing jokes at you. This also has as a result that the movie on some rare occasions does still manage to work out as a funny one. As much as I disliked watching this movie I still have to admit that I laughed during it as well. I for instance still enjoyed the parts in which Adam Sandler's daughters got mistaken for boys and I also have to admit that while watching it I felt confused as well. I had no idea whether or not his daughters were played by boys or girls, so kudos to the makeup- and costume department for that.

But really, other than that, I often felt puzzled by how incredibly ineffective this movie was as both a romantic-comedy and just movie in general. Bad storytelling, weak writing, poor characters and absolutely no chemistry between its two leads makes this one turd of a movie and quite honestly one of the worst comedies that I have seen in awhile. And I'm not even an Adam Sandler hater...


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This week's movie reviews - Week #33

All of this week's new movie reviews

The Expendables 3 (2014)

Can't say I remember all that much about any of the previous two The Expendables movies but I do remember that neither of them was as good or entertaining as it potentially so easily could have been. Sadly the same could be said about this third series installment. though at the same time I also still have to admit that I absolutely didn't hate watching this movie. Read more>

Life After Beth (2014)

Getting a movie like this right actually is incredibly difficult. You need to find a right balance between all of the different comedy, drama and horror elements in order for the movie to work out as an effective. And well, they definitely tried but no, they never managed to find a good and right balance in my opinion. Read more>


Life After Beth (2014) Directed by Jeff Baena

Getting a movie like this right actually is incredibly difficult. You need to find a right balance between all of the different comedy, drama and horror elements in order for the movie to work out as an effective. And well, they definitely tried but no, they never managed to find a good and right balance in my opinion.

And that's really the foremost with this movie. Because it tries to blend multiple different genres in with each other the movie just never becomes effective enough as a drama, not funny enough for a comedy and definitely never scary enough for a convincing horror/zombie movie. Every time that the drama starts to develop something goofy and unlikely happens in the story, which ruins the drama again and every time that the movie starts to develop into something genuinely funny, the drama kicks in again which again takes out most of the fun out of the movie.

It's not just the mixture of things but also the story itself is definitely a lacking one in my opinion. It just seems to lack a good point and it just meanders on, which was done very deliberately, since this movie is obviously trying to be as 'small', simplistic and straightforward as possible but that in this case unfortunately also means that there isn't an awful lot of depth to anything. It never becomes an heartfelt or cute enough movie and it never works out as an engaging enough one, which is mainly due to its main premise in my opinion.

The movie of course features a totally ridicules main premise but the movie itself actually approaches most things in a very grounded and realistic way, which often is in too big contrast with its silly story and unlikely events. The movie is a mostly subtle one with its storytelling and characters yet all of the comedy is terribly over-the-top.

It maybe sounds like I absolute hate this movie but that really isn't the case though. Thing about it just is that it isn't ever fully working out in the way that it was obviously supposed to. I still got some enjoyment out of the movie and there also still are some things about it that I respect and truly admire.

One of those things definitely is the acting. I especially liked Aubrey Plaza's and John C. Reilly's performances and it's good to see how all of the actors understood what type of movie they were in. Most of their performances are goofy yet restrained and played straight at the same time as well. It's not an easy thing to do and some actors would have taken things over-the-top instead but not most of the actors who were involved with this movie though. The performances, generally speaking, are pretty good and definitely suit the style and approach of the movie.

I admire the attempt and it's absolutely not a bad movie to watch but it's not as great and unique as it potentially could have been ant it's also not a movie that I would wholeheartedly recommend to just everyone.


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The Expendables 3 (2014) Directed by Patrick Hughes

Can't say I remember all that much about any of the previous two The Expendables movies but I do remember that neither of them was as good or entertaining as it potentially so easily could have been. Sadly the same could be said about this third series installment. though at the same time I also still have to admit that I absolutely didn't hate watching this movie.

It's weird, all of the right ingredients always seem to be there in all of the The Expendables movies, yet they just can't seem to manage to work out as both impressive and memorable action flicks. I actually surprisingly liked "The Expendables 2" but yet I still can't remember an awful lot about it. I remember Jean-Claude Van Damme being in it as the villain and doing some kick-ass moves and I do remember Chuck Norris having an awesome cameo but I just can't remember a thing of the story but more importantly, nothing of the action neither. It's disappointing when a big budget action movie, with so many stars and big names in it, fails to make much of an impression as an action movie.

Not saying that the action is bad in this movie, it's actually shot pretty well and director Patrick Hughes definitely seems like a good and right choice for the "The Raid" remake, which he already is attached to but thing that is lacking from this movie are any memorable action set pieces. Instead of featuring 2 or 3 big, long and impressive action set pieces in it, the movie is featuring a whole bunch of smaller ones, that are all rapidly following each other, which is all nothing that we haven't seen done before in any other movies. Sure, it's entertaining to watch but it's absolutely never anything truly impressive or memorable as well.

Another obvious problem with this movie is of course the story. Now, it seems straightforward enough but it's actually still confusing to follow, since too often I had absolutely no idea what was going on in it. I for instance still don't know or understand what the Mel Gibson character, who is the main villain of this movie, wanted or why the Sylvester Stallone character felt the need to form a new team. So that more action stars could become part of the franchise of course but it just doesn't ever makes much sense in the context of the movie. And do the new characters bring anything new and fresh to the table? Not really. When a movie features about 20 different characters in it there of course isn't going to be an awful lot of time and space for any proper character development. Having said that, some of the new actors still are a very welcome addition. Not because of the characters they play but simply because of their acting. Let's face it, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Randy Couture, etcetera, are all awesome action movie stars but they just aren't the best actors around as well. This movie however also does feature the likes of Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes, Kelsey Grammar and Antonio Banderas, who obviously all are some far better and more skilled actors, who also definitely manage to give the movie something extra.

I simply have to say that despite everything I still had a good time watching this movie but that in this case isn't saying an awful lot about its quality. It's fast paced and even when there isn't anything going on in the story it never feels like a bad or annoying movie to watch but I really do wish that they would work a bit harder and longer on the script next time (since surely there will be more The Expendables movies) and focus more on getting 2 or 3 big action sequences right, instead of trying to constantly feature smaller action set pieces in it, all throughout.


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This week's movie reviews - week #32

All of this week's new movie reviews

Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014) (V)

Thing about these DC and Marvel animated movies always is that they are mostly made for those who already are big fans of the franchises, who are really into the world and characters of it and are going to like the movies no matter what. This latest animated Batman movie is no exception on that. It's great for the fans of the Batman universe and characters, for everyone, it's nothing but a mediocre movie really. Read more>


Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014) (V) Directed by Jay Oliva & Ethan Spaulding

Thing about these DC and Marvel animated movies always is that they are mostly made for those who already are big fans of the franchises, who are really into the world and characters of it and are going to like the movies no matter what. This latest animated Batman movie is no exception on that. It's great for the fans of the Batman universe and characters, for everyone, it's nothing but a mediocre movie really.

Forget about the recent Batman movies, since these animated movies have nothing to do with any of them. The characters are totally different, the tone is different, the story lines are different, everything is different really. Bane gets mostly used as comic relief for instance and The Joker is more entertaining than threatening as well. Most people of course already know this and are prepared for it but it's still important to say for those who are fans of the movies and expect to get something similar from these animated movies.

Now, I really won't call this movie a terrible or even bad one since it really isn't but still the thing about it is that the story is very simplistic and straightforward one. It's the type of story with just one main plot line in it and not an awful lot of side plots. It makes the story a simplistic and straightforward one as well as a far from engaging or ever truly exciting and spectacular one.

Part of this is also because of the reason that it isn't really a Batman movie but more one that focuses on the villains instead. Batman is nothing but a secondary character in this movie, or maybe even a tertiary one. It follows some of the classic Batman villains around, without ever making us sympathetic toward them. They still are crazy and evil villains, who do evil and crazy stuff. Sure, it's fun to watch but no, it's doubtful that you'll ever start to root for any of them in this movie, which is part of the reason why the movie as a whole doesn't work out as the most engaging one to watch.

But really, like i said, it's a far from terrible movie. It's still pretty fun and entertaining to watch, especially if you are into Batman stuff of course. Maybe the story isn't anything too impressive, the very same story still ensures that there is plenty happening in this movie, with its many, many different characters and plenty of action.

I also really liked the animations. It always makes me happy when Batman movies feature the same animated style as for instance the classic animated '90's Batman series. Not that it looks exactly the same but it has the same sort of style to it and the characters look similar. It just never feels right to me whenever an animated Batman movie tries to feature a different sort of animated visual style.

Not a great movie but it at least still brings plenty of entertainment, from the villain's angle this time around.


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This week's movie reviews - Week #31

All of this week's new movie reviews

Calvary (2014)

Well, this clearly isn't a movie for everyone. I'm not even sure myself whether I fully liked it or not. It's definitely a movie with some good and interesting elements in it but on the other hand it also constantly feels that you have to piece everything together by yourself, while the movie itself isn't always giving you enough puzzle pieces. Read more>