Security (2017) Directed by Alain Desrochers

Even well before its release this movie got bombarded as a B-movie, due to its budget, concept, studio, or whatever. Rightfully so? Well, let me tell you, I have seen lots of B-movies and this really isn't one of them. It is definitely better than just another lame and cheap action movie attempt. It is well made, quite original, but more importantly; also really fun to watch.

If this movie was made in the '80's it probably would be a semi- genre-classic by now. It is simplistic, straightforward and yes, even quite stupid, which in other words makes it quite perfect as a genre flick. Despite its straightforwardness and simplicity it still manages to be creative and original as well. It only features a handful of different characters, only a handful of different and not even all that much action once you start thinking about it, but it works! It manages to turn its simple concept into something both original and interesting enough to watch, by going over-the-top but at the same time by telling a decent enough story as well.

Not everything works out well though. It for instance isn't all that convincing how the Antonio Banderas character turns into a action- hero halfway through. The action also definitely gets a bit ridicules at parts, which is entertaining, but definitely goes at the expense of its credibility as well.

It also is true that besides the Antonio Banderas character the movie doesn't have an awful lot to offer. All of the other characters are truly secondary ones and remain terribly underdeveloped. Even the main villain, played by none other than Ben Kingsley, is a bit of a bland one. Too formalin and not involved enough with any of the action and other events of the movie. Too much a background character, if you will.

It is good to see Banderas has still got it though. At age 57 he is still a very convincing action star for this movie and I bet he had tons of fun with it as well. Too bad that not everybody manages to impress. The little girl, who plays a key-role in this movie, is disturbingly weak for instance.

I still really had plenty of fun with the movie, luckily. It is never boring and a good looking movie to watch. Definitely a professionally put together movie, in terms of camera-work, editing and action, among many other different things. Nothing about this movie screams 'B- movie', with perhaps the exception of its main concept and some of its action sequences. But lets face it, isn't every action a bit ridicules and simplistic in its core? Nothing wrong with that, as long as it manages to entertain, which this movie clearly does.

A pretty good and certainly entertaining action-flick!


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Oceans Rising (2017) Directed by Adam Lipsius

With a title such as- and a premise of "Oceans Rising", there is absolutely no doubt about it that this is a The Asylum movie, made for the SyFy channel. A very typical low-budget disaster flick, with both questionable special effects as well as story.

This definitely is a below average genre attempt, even by normal The Asylum standards. Problem with it is that it is not spectacular or entertaining enough to be a decent survival/mankind vs. nature kind of flick and never well thought out or written to work out as a decent ad engaging enough drama.

It is crazy how this is a movie about survival and about one of the biggest disasters that could happen to mankind, yet it is a terribly uneventful movie, in which the characters never seem to be in any real danger from anything. The main characters try to save the world, but meanwhile they aren't even all that concerned about even saving themselves. It doesn't help that the movie at all times sticks to its main characters, which as a result we never get to see the gravity and impact of the catastrophe. In a way it is a too personal movie, without ever becoming very personal at all. The characters are, just like everything else in this movie, terribly underdeveloped and therefore uninteresting to have to follow around.

I know these movies often are amongst the most simplistic and straightforward ones, but this one really takes the cake. It seems to have no idea how to make things even remotely interesting or original to watch. Absolutely nothing comes as a surprise, that is if there is happening anything in it, that is. Well, guess that its main concept is at least somewhat original. Rather than being a movie about global warming it is a movie about solar flares hitting the Earth, causing a whole bunch of natural catastrophes.

There is not much making any sense about this movie though. For some reason the main character gets ignored when he tries to warm the government, which is all crazy and laughable to watch. The events that happen after it aren't exactly more convincing. Nothing really ever gets build up, which totally ruins any potential suspense and excitement. Characters get introduced, but noting happens with them. It is crazy! Almost as if this movie got written in two days and then totally got scrambled up again during production.

The special effects obviously also aren't too impressive to look at. It is very obvious that most water shots got shot in a nice warm pool somewhere and please don't watch this movie expecting to at least get any good panic and destruction. The movie just really doesn't know what to do with its concept. And really, a low-budget can't be an excuse. At least not an only excuse for creating such a terribly uneventful and unimaginative movie experience.

Not spectacular, not entertaining, not engaging, not well made, not good...Not good at all!


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Batman and Harley Quinn (2017) Directed by

One of the things that I can often appreciate about these animated Batman movies is that they go back to his more comedic and entertaining roots. They are less story orientated and more focused on bringing you some good, simplistic entertainment. I however feel that in this case they overdid it. Story-wise it is a far too simplistic Batman outing, that besides feels hardly like a Batman movie at all.

Make no mistake about it; this is a Harley Quinn movie, made to ride the wave of her newfound popularity. I won't say that Batman is barely in it, but...Well, OK he is barely in it. A real throwaway character, while Quinn constantly maneuvers herself into the spotlight. And nothing wrong with a good Harley Quinn movie, but just don't put Batman in the title if you are hardly going to use him- or any of his specialties. I am saying it more as a heads up, so you know what you are in for if you decide to go watch this movie.

Problem I often have with these full length animated movies is that it often feels like they are the middle part of the trilogy, and I have never seen the first or final part of it. It always feels to me like I am missing some things, such as what happened to certain characters. Harley Quinn quit being a bad girl? OK, fine. But why not show how, why or when? Just little things like this that annoy me as a more casual viewer of these type of DCU animated movies. I am not into the whole DCU, I don't know every character and I don't keep myself up to date about any of them. Guess that in a way these movies are also more enjoyable for the fans, but I still do believe that these movies should take into consideration that not every viewer out there knows- and is up to date about everything about the DCU. More an annoyance than a true complaint about this actual movie, but don't worry. I still have plenty to complain about in regard to the movie as well.

It is not like I hated watching this movie and it remains a quite good and entertaining one to watch if you have absolutely nothing better to do, but it also remains a flawed one, in many different ways. The story absolutely lacks some good suspense, mystery and excitement. For a Batman movie it certainly has very little action in it and the main plot line feels lackluster. It basically for its first half is about getting Harley Quinn to team up with Batman and Nightwing, while the second is more about...Well, not much really. I like Poison Ivy as a character, but just not as the main villain in this movie. The whole villainous scheme is weak and it lacks gravity. A reason why the movie never feels all that tense, exciting or even very interesting to watch.

The animation is quite good though. Not too bright, not too dark. A perfect balance, between both worlds. It still definitely remains true though that the movie is more comedy orientated than all about telling a very serious and credible story. This obviously mostly is due to the fact that it focuses mainly on the Harley Quinn character, who still works better as a comedic one than anything else really.

A somewhat disappointing Batman outing, though most fans should still be able to appreciate and enjoy it.


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Brackenmore (2016) Directed by Chris Kemble & J.P. Davidson

This Irish production is quite different from the usual Hollywood horror attempt, but is that also a positive thing? It makes the movie quite original, but at the same time I can't say that the movie works out very well as well.

It is a real slow-burner. The movie its pace is slow and it really takes the time to build up its story. And nothing wrong with such an approach, if done effectively. Problem with this movie is that it gives you far too little. The mystery is never made interesting enough and the suspense feels lacking. All of this is mostly due to the reason that there is far too little happening in the story. Never a shocking moment, never a clever or gut-wrenching twist. A movie can often be too mysterious and vague for its own good, which definitely is being the case for this movie as well. You need to give the viewers something to stay interested, which this movie does far too little.

The atmosphere of the movie is quite good. Like I said, it is different from an average Hollywood production and the style of the movie is something that really adds to the atmosphere, which is dark, but never for the same of being dark or in any other forced way. Maybe it is all due to the Irish settings and accents that it works out as something natural and pleasing to watch.

The story however really could have used some more work though. It now really feels like a less clever and layered version of "The Wicker Man", which no doubt this movie also was inspired by, along with a bunch of other classic British movies, such as "Straw Dogs". It really struggles to keep things going and interesting to watch at all times. It is a very straightforward and personal movie, from the main character's perspective, but some more side-plots and interesting secondary characters could have definitely made things potentially better and more intriguing to watch.

It is amazing to me that even with its slow and dragged out story this movie is just barely over an hour long. It certainly feels much longer as well, which of course never is a good thing to say. Can't say that it is a terribly boring movie as well, but it most definitely is a far from eventful one neither.

As I often say; there isn't enough in this movie too hate it, but it truly is a far from perfect and recommendable movie as well. Maybe only recommendable if you are in the mood for something different and original, horror-wise. Just don't expect a fast paced movie, with tons of scares or any good blood and gore.


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Female Fight Club (2016) Directed by Miguel A. Ferrer

Wow, what starts off as a pretty decent and entertaining fight movie ends in a total disaster! I just can't believe how this movie wasted its potential and threw away its chance to become a totally fine and enjoyable, low-budget, action flick.

At first it seems like the movie is going to be a very straightforward and simplistic fight movie, tournament-style. Nothing too fancy or original but the movie was perfectly fine and totally enjoyable to watch. The fights were all well choreographed, the female fighters impressive to look at and everything got filmed in a pretty good and definitely professional looking style. I wasn't too concerned about its story, which actually is pretty suiting for a movie of this sort. However about halfway through the movie decides otherwise and suddenly becomes more of a story-driven movie, while both the story and the handling of it is extremely poor.

The movie basically has no idea how to tell its story. It completely fails to build up any tension or credibility and everything that happens in either feels rushed or terribly out of place. The one moment the movie is about one thing and the next its suddenly about something completely different, that hardly seems relevant to anything else, that happened before in the movie. It lacks a good focus but it also absolutely lacks an engaging enough plot line, that gets told in a both relatable and realistic enough way.

An example of its random- and messiness is the Dolph Lundgren character. It feels and looks like he is a totally different movie on his own and his story and scenes have absolutely nothing to do with any of the other characters and main story-line of the movie. It is almost as if they started working on one movie, that never got finished and Incorporated the already finished shots into this movie, without making a natural connection.

In a way the movie takes itself far too serious. Rather than simply being an entertaining and spectacular fight movie it also tries to really tell a story and incorporate a lot of needless and pointless distractions, such as an absolutely redundant and poor love story, in order to add some more weight to the movie. This fails miserable and even makes the movie a real bad one, despite the fact that it is an absolutely fine one to watch for its first 30 minutes or so.

What the movie also lacks is a decent enough villain. I don't know, the villain in this movie is just plain weird. The one moment he is normal, the other he is completely over-the-top and psycho. The one moment he is friendly, the other a complete animal. The movie just can't seem to make up its mind about anything. It is confusing, but what is worse is that it also isn't making much sense in the context of the movie. And besides, the actor, Rey Goyos, that portrays him is just plain bad. Hope he himself at least had some fun with it, because I certainly didn't. The female characters are all better and also better portrayed by the actresses, who next to that are great fighters. The movie is filled with expert fighters and stunt performers, which explains why the action and fight scenes all work out so well for the movie.

Great fights but a very poor- and insanely badly handled story makes this movie an absolute waste of both time and some decent enough potential.


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Kill Switch (2017) Directed by Tim Smit

This is a rather interesting and certainly original enough project, that however doesn't always result in a very interesting or effective movie as well.

In short; this movie tries to be way bigger than its budget allows it to be. It is ambitious and it is filled with plenty of ideas and potential, but in its enthusiasm it attempts to be way too much, while it was clearly lacking the money and other resources to pull things off both effective and convincing enough. It tries to be an action filled science-fiction movie, but instead it looks and feels more like an outdated video game.

And I know that part of this was intentional. After all, it clearly mimics a video game with its approach and director Tim Smit is known for his "Half-Life" inspired short film "What's in the Box?". It also is an approach that makes this movie rather unique and good to watch, but visually it however remains a far from perfect- or very impressive movie.

It has 'low-budget' written all over it, especially when looking at its special effects. Sure, it is all a great accomplishment, considering most of it got done by just one guy, but it really isn't anything that convincing. And really, the movie is going for realism with its approach and story.

That also is a bit of a 'downfall' for this movie. Rather than being simple entertainment, it takes itself a tad bit too serious. The action is there, but it is never anything too spectacular or entertainment. It remains a mostly story-driven movie, that tries to do much, but achieves far too little. The movie has a difficult time setting up its story and world for the viewers. I really wasn't buying into the whole post-apocalyptic world and setting of the movie. This was part because of its visuals, but also due to its storytelling, that provides far too little background information about anything or anyone. And rather than telling a personal story (after all, the movie mostly gets told from literally the point-of-view of one person) it tries to tell a bigger than life adventurous and action filled story, about saving the world. Strangely enough this really isn't all that interesting. It has been done to death and this movie really doesn't bring anything new to the table, story-wise. It makes the movie, despite its approach, a very formulaic and redundant one.

And if you want your movie to take place in a supposedly American town, than why feature well known Amsterdam land marks- and Dutch street signs in your movie? It just seemed confusing and clumsy to me. The fact that this is a very international production also means that it features a ton of different thick accents. Again, this is something that just doesn't contribute to the movie its credibility and it makes the movie even somewhat annoying to follow at parts. The acting also really isn't all that impressive in this movie, to further add to things.

It is a very interesting and also definitely original project, but I lost interest in it pretty quickly. Story-wise there isn't enough there and as an action science-fiction movie it lacks tension, entertainment and spectacular moments in it. It is never a boring or too terrible movie to watch, but there is not enough in it to make it a worthwhile movie. Not bad, but definitely not very recommendable either.


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Cut Shoot Kill (2017) Directed by Michael Walker

Thing that I like and can appreciate about this movie is that it is a slasher with an original approach to it. While its concept really isn't anything new it manages to bring things in a fresh and good enough way.

I still can't say for sure that all horror lovers are going to love this movie though. It isn't always the most eventful one and there also isn't all that much suspense or any good scares present. Because you never really know what is real and what isn't the suspense often lacks punch and the approach also doesn't always work out too well for its mystery. There is some gore and the killings are pretty decent, but I just don't think that it is enough to please all of the slasher lovers out there.

Most of time this movie really doesn't even feel like a slasher. Hard to describe its style and atmosphere, since in a lot of ways this movie is really being its own thing. A thriller would perhaps still be the best way to describe this movie, though its story definitely makes this a full-out horror and slasher flick. A bit of a mixed bag that works out well in some regards, but feels lacking in others. It is good to watch if you are in the mood for something unique and original, but disappointing to watch if you want a good old fashioned slasher.

Maybe the movie also is a bit too self-aware to fully work out as a horror flick. In some ways it is even a bit of a parody of the genre and the movie also often takes a more comedic approach to things. It is entertaining, but it at the same time takes away a lot of the tension and mystery from the movie.

It also is true that the movie doesn't fully work out due to its characters. The movie lacks some solid and likable enough characters. None of them is very well developed and the movie besides lacks a good main 'hero' and 'villain' in it. The acting also doesn't impress too much, which obviously also is part of the reason why none of the characters work out that well.

I personally still liked the movie more than I didn't. This really was mostly due to its refreshing approach and the fact that it had plenty of originality in it. It maybe isn't ever the best movie out there, but it at least also isn't the most formulaic or predictable one. Plenty of good elements and surprises to consider this a watchable movie.


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Undercover Grandpa (2017) Directed by Erik Canuel

Guess James Caan was pissed he didn't get asked to appear in any of the "RED" or "The Expendables" movies, so he decided to do one on his own. The end result is nothing too terrible, but I am still scratching my head a bit over it.

Biggest problem I have with this movie is that I just can't figure out who it is made for. It is actually a very childish movie with its approach and humor, yet the action feels mature and let's be honest here; what young kids are going to be interested in seeing a bunch of old guys walking on screen, doing stuff that just isn't right for their age. But to adults this movie just isn't very appealing either. It has a far simplistic story, involving a whole bunch of childish humor and silly, far fetched, situations.

The movie is flawed, in just about every regard. First of all, its concept totally ever fails to work out as anything credible. These guys are supposed to be WW II veterans, which should put them in their 90's, yet the move, talk and look like a bunch of 70 year old, which is a compliment, but something that doesn't exactly work out very well for the movie its credibility. Besides, each one of them is supposed to have a special skill that makes them unique and essential for the team. Yet in action nothing none of their skills come in handy really, or perhaps rather said, the movie completely forgets about their skills and simply lets them fight like a bunch of, mostly incapable, old soldiers. I honestly also still don't get why they were brought back into action. As if they really were the only ones capable of handling this mission. As a matter of fact, it seems dangerous that a bunch of rusty old man go after a kidnapped young girl, who is being held hostage by a group of very bad man, with some very big guns and serious attitude problems.

It further more is an action flick, but without much action really. As a matter of fact, the only real action of the movie happens during its final 20 minutes or so. It is just weird that the only action set piece happens at the end. It makes me even more confused about who this movie got made for exactly. It doesn't make the movie necessarily a slow or dull one to watch, but its lack of action does of course make it a far from exciting or spectacular one.

The style of the movie can best be described as a straight-to-DVD-kids-movie style. The pace, the look, the humor. It all seems kids orientated and my guess is that the kid characters played a much bigger role in the movie initially, until James Caan got cast and the movie suddenly had to be centered around him instead.

And honestly, Caan is quite good in his role. It is still somewhat painful to see him in these type of movie nowadays, but it luckily doesn't seem to bother him at all. He plays his role very professionally and puts a lot into it. He is a joy to watch, but I just can't say that his character was solid enough as well to carry this movie. The movie needed a whole bunch of other decent characters in it to make things a bit more interesting and entertaining, which is something that the movie sadly misses, despite the presence of some other great and well known actors.

It is an harmless and simplistic enough little movie, that isn't going to bore or annoy anyone, but it is definitely far from anything memorable or even really good enough as well.


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Minutes Past Midnight (2016) Directed by Robert Boocheck, Lee Cronin, Francisco Sonic Kim, Ryan Lightbourn, Marc Martínez Jordán, Kevin McTurk, James Moran, Christian Rivers & Sid Zanforlin

Every horror lover loves anthology movies. Why? Because it means you are getting a couple of good shorts and usually at the very least one great one as well. It also doesn't matter too much when one or more shorts fail to impress you, since they are so short and in no way get in the way of any of the other shorts, that work out better.

Most anthology movies still share a common plot line or feature a storyteller, or something else along those lines, but not this one though. It is simply the one short after the other, without sharing any connection. It means that is a mishmash of different horror styles and approaches, but that also means that there most likely is going to be at least one short that is going to appeal to you, with its approach or concept. Besides, it is not like all shorts are that different from each other in style. Visually it is actually a pretty consistent movie and there is not one short that comes across as any cheaper or less professional than the other. Sure, each segment is different in tone and each and every director definitely was able to put their own signature on to the movie.

It is funny how basically every horror anthology movie features one bad segment, a bunch of average ones and than one or two truly great and impressive ones. This movie really is no different in that regard, with maybe as a difference that none of the segments are truly terrible to watch. Most of them are incredibly average to be fair, but luckily there also are two standout segments, to help to make this movie worthwhile. But really, every segment is going to appeal someone different of course and it is all a matter of taste, more so than is the case with any other type of movie.

Good thing is that every short at least features an original enough premise in them. It often uses a whole bunch of formulaic genre ingredients, but it still manages to use them all well and spin them into an original enough way. Most shorts are incredibly short though, so most aren't ever doing enough to truly impress you with anything. I was actually surprised how many shorts they crammed into this movie. Not saying that this movie would have better if it only featured, lets say about, 5 individual segments, but it potentially could have given some of the segments more room and opportunity to develop into something truly more mesmerizing and effective, in regard to its horror and main stories.

It also was somewhat weird to see how some segments were taking a more comedic approach to things. Again, nothing too uncommon for a horror anthology project, but I feel that in this case it put things out of balance and featured one or two too many, more comedic like, segments in it. It often is fun, but thing about this approach is that the horror usually falls flat and it doesn't keep you into the right mood. I don't think that this is a great party movie so to speak, to play at a house with a bunch of friends, around Halloween. Really, this movie isn't going to give anyone nightmares, despite some good horror moments and great imaginative, original and creepy concepts.

A pretty good anthology movie and perfectly watchable. Just not up there with the best or most memorable and recommendable ones.


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Tall Men (2016) Directed by Jonathan Holbrook

Oh, boy! I have seen my fair share of bad horror movies, but let me tell you, this one is right up there.

Just another one of those movies trying to cash in on the whole 'Tall Man'/Slender Man hype, while it in fact has absolutely nothing to do with the Slender Man myth. So really, if you want to watch this movie expecting to get a Slender Man movie, then please don't! But then again, who should watch this movie to begin with? It is not one that should appeal to anyone, since it as mostly slow one, with a terrible build up and no good horror.

I just don't know where to begin. Guess I will start with the worst aspect about the movie; its pace. Man, is this movie slow. The way characters talk, the way the movie lingers and scenes seem to go on for ever and ever, without really heading anywhere. There is absolutely no reason for this movie to be over 2 hours long, while in fact it still is. There is nothing about this movie or its story that couldn't have been told in under 90 minutes or so. That way the movie might have been a bit more tolerable to watch, at the very least. It however instead really sucked all of the energy out of me, by being such an incredibly slow, dull and uninspired one.

Seriously, this movie doesn't even makes much sense, once you really start thinking about it. Its main plot line is incredibly flawed. It doesn't matter all too much though, since the movie just isn't a very engaging one to begin with. Chances are you will never feel invested with any of the characters or remotely interested in anything that happens on screen.

The movie basically does everything wrong that it could have. The atmosphere, the pace, the build up. It all ensures that this movie falls incredibly flat as a horror movie and movie in general. There just never is any tension, never any good mystery or even any good moments to make this movie even remotely worth watching. Don't even really know if the film-makers were truly trying to make a horror movie to begin with. In a way I still admire its uniqueness, but it just doesn't work out as anything good to watch as well.

The acting is quite terrible as well, which obviously makes things more worse and less appealing to watch. The main character, played by Dan Crisafulli, never manages to work out as a likable enough one. He is just weird and the actor portraying him doesn't seem to know if he is in a comedy, a horror, or an art-house film. He seems confused all throughout, as will most viewers.

Usually never say this, but I truly feel like I wasted 2 hours of my life on this movie. No sir, I don't like it.


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Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (2017) Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante

A tornado can either suck or blow you away. So what does this movie do? Well, it kind of does both.

At this point the Sharknado movies are just an excuse to put in as many crazy situations- and destroy as many different landmarks as possible, classic disaster-movie style. Forget about any logic, or rather said, forget about any story. Can't even say that this movie follows much of a story. It is basically the one crazy and silly event after the other, but you know what; it actually works.

The whole Sharknado-hype is kind of crazy. There actually are tons of silly shark movies made by The Asylum for the SyFy channel out there, yet it are the Sharknado-movies that are the most popular and best known ones. Why? I don't even really know. Maybe it is the title, maybe the concept, maybe it is just by pure chance. There surely doesn't seem to be any logic to it, which actually is quite suiting for these type of movies of course. Fact remains that even after 5 movies in people are still fascinated by it- and gather around to watch these movies. A wonderful thing. After all, not all movies are made to impress. Some are simply here to entertain and to bring plenty of laughs and joy into your living room. The SyFy channel understands this and has mastered this throughout the years. It is a reason why I often enjoy watching their movies, even though there is no way I could call any of them great movies as well.

This movie has all the markings of a typical SyFy channel movie, with as a difference that it allows itself to take things a tad bit further. It dares to be a bit more silly than the average movie and it most definitely isn't holding back with anything else neither. The kills, the action, the characters, the humor. It is all incredibly over-the-top and the movie is definitely very self-aware as well. There is absolutely no one in this movie who doesn't understand what he/she got themselves into. The actors all play their roles in a fun way, but at the same time also straightforward enough in order for its little story to work out. And honestly, the acting really isn't anything too bad in this movie. I kind of like how the main actors keep playing their roles straight, as it does bring some context and gravity to things. The movie is both exciting- as well as stupendously funny, at all of the right moments.

There is also no reason to believe that the series is going to end here. It is not just because of its open ending, but also due to the fact that the formula is still successful and leaves plenty of room for a whole bunch of other crazy moments, featuring more creative sharknado's.

And that is one of the main things; it is silly, it is stupid, but at least it is an incredibly creative movie as well. It is extremely simplistic, but at the same time it is a far from predictable movie. It truly manages to bring plenty of surprises and laughs with its crazy moments and cameos by well known actors and personalities.

The special effects are on par with normal The Asylum/SyFy channel standards. Good to see that they didn't wasted any extra money on it and why should they? After all, this movie is not about looking good or being the best movie ever made. It is here to entertain you with plenty of silly stuff, including some silly looking special effects.

Simply a great, very simplistic and silly movie, to have a great time with.


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Amelia 2.0 (2017) Directed by Adam Orto

What seems like an interesting and through provoking science-fiction movie actually turns out to be nothing more but a shallow and exaggerated genre movie, that never manages to lets its main concept come across as anything credible.

I actually believe that this is the future; transfer your consciousness to another body/object, in order to live forever. (Though most likely people are going to laugh at this comment, in 50 years from now). I am therefore also quite interested in the subject and it is good to see the concept is making its way into mainstream media and movies nowadays. But it really is not like this movie is going to bring any awareness to the research or is going to evoke any sort of discussion about it. It is just far too insignificant for that and it handles its themes in a rather ineffective and mostly unconvincing way. This movie is definitely more 'fiction' than 'science', which is not much of a complaint in itself, but it in this case makes its story rather tame and uninteresting to follow.

It never manages to sell its main concept to its audience. Emotions are flat, developments too clichéd and the acting too uninspired. It actually is disappointing to see how the movie slowly turns into a weak "Ex Machina" clone, while the movie had plenty of potential, especially story-wise, to be something good and original on its own.

It is as if the movie instead of going for realism, is going for excitement, but it forgets to put any excitement in. There is never any good mystery and all of the thrillers aspects fall flat, due to the way how unrealistic they come across. Also none of the drama works out very well because of this, while there really still was plenty of room- and opportunity for it to work out. The movie really only has itself to blame for the fact that it never works out as well as it should have.

It further more remains a good looking movie though. I would imaging that it didn't have an awfully big budget to spend, but it does look quite impressive. Visually it remains a good and appealing movie to look at, with the exceptions of a few cheap looking shots. But really, even the biggest and most expansive movies aren't flawless in that regard.

The acting on the other hand feels lacking though. With all respect, but the acting in this movie is more of TV-like quality. Emotions, technical stuff. The actors have a hard time conveying their roles and make things as credible and realistic as possible. Sure, the characters also aren't the most interesting ones, but the actors do very little to spice their roles- and any of the dialog up.

In all honesty, it never becomes a truly terrible movie to watch, but there just isn't enough there to call this a very good or interesting one to watch.


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Heinous (2016) Directed by Tony Severio

Oh great, another found footage flick. Don't worry, I will judge this movie still objectively. After all, people worked hard on this movie. I guess...

It is amazing to me that still after 10 years movies try to mimic the success of the first "Paranormal Activity". And sure, why not. It is not like it is a very hard to expensive thing to do. Each and everyone out there is able to create their very own "Paranormal Activity". All you need is a bunch of security cams set up somewhere, preferably a house and get a couple of friends to show up to appear in your movie. All you need now is a good script to make things interesting and original to watch. Unfortunately this is something most found footage movies seem to forget about. They basically are all in the same, in the way how they are set up. Once you have seen one of them, you have just about seen all of them already really. This movie also is one by the numbers, that never attempts to do anything out of the ordinary, meaning that it is a very predictable and formulaic one to watch, all throughout.

Thing about found footage movies is that for most part they also are being incredibly lackluster. It is because you can't reveal everything at once and have to slowly build the suspense and mystery up first, in order for the horror to work out. This usually means you are getting a bunch of cheap jump scares during the first half of the movie and some over-the-top horror in its second half, when the movie finally lets it all out. This movie is no exception. For most part it is incredibly lackluster and once the true horror kicks in it is far from anything too convincing. The build up and pay off of the movie are disappointing, which results in the movie being a below average genre attempt, that fails to bring any good scares or interesting enough aspects. It really isn't an original and fresh approach to the genre, which probably means that it actually are going to be the lovers of the genre who are going to end up feeling most disappointed with this movie.

It also really is the acting that prevents this movie from ever turning into something credible and effective. The blind gets played as if being blind means being mentally handicapped as well, but the worst actors of the movie really is the mother. She just can't say any of her lines without sounding like an emotionless robot, reading off a piece of paper.

And really, lets face it. It feels like this movie comes to the game about 5 years too late. The found footage genre, especially the ones featuring a security cam set up, is terribly outdated and on its way out already. This movie isn't going to change anything about that. It actually perfectly demonstrates why it is a good thing that the genre is slowing dying out, and is making room for something new and hopefully something original again.

A terrible and very late genre example.


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