The Detained (2017) Directed by Blair Hayes

The horror version of "The Breakfast Club"? Sure sounds like it and it also seems like this movie was really trying hard to be just that. Trying, since its not like this movie is very successful at anything.

This movie definitely is too silly for its own good. It is an incredibly unsuccessful combination of comedy and slasher aspects. It first and foremost remains a comedy, which humor constantly gets in the way of its horror. Its horror is never given any room to ever develop into anything remotely effective. Needless to say that the movie is never scary, tense or somewhat mysterious to watch. All of its horror elements truly fall flat, which wouldn't have been such a big problem if the movie itself wasn't putting so much emphasis on the movie its horror, during its second half.

The movie actually starts off as a very typical teen comedy, that is never great or very funny to watch, but at least it had a clear style to it. This all changes once its horror kicks in, or rather said tries to kick in. It is as if the movie never knows when to make the switch between comedy and horror and allow its horror elements to truly kick in. The movie constantly keeps you waiting for things to develop. Waiting, for something that never comes. It is all very weird, since the movie clearly wants to be a slasher. It never drops its comedy, but story-wise it has all the markings of a typical slasher movie.

Really, if only the movie would have held back just a little with its comedy...It now instead feels as if the movie is afraid to become a too serious movie with anything, but this really prevents the movie from ever turning into anything good and engaging to watch. It is not like the characters are very likable as well. The movie focuses on a whole bunch of different characters, rather than having a solid- and clear main lead in it. No real 'hero' so to speak. Just a bunch of individuals we know nothing- and get to know nothing about.

Despite the fact that the movie is never a too successful one as a slasher, it still remains something that gets in the way of its comedy as well. Its violence and horror aspects never go along with its comedic aspects. While the humor of the movie often is too goofy, the horror is too often far too serious and straightforward. Again, it really doesn't go together very well. It really as if two totally unrelated movies got slapped together. The comedy never enhances the horror and the horror never enhances the movie its comedy. But what obviously is far worse is the lack of consistency and the fact that things never blend in well with each other.

It is not like it is the worst made movie, but the story and especially the lack of successful horror aspects and a terrible blend with its comedy, still make this an absolutely terrible movie to watch.


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Smartass (2017) Directed by Jena Serbu

You have all sorts of comedies, but this one goofy elements and characters with violence and sex isn't really among the most fun or funny ones.

It is a weird blend of many different elements. I can definitely see and understand what this movie was trying to do; it was trying to be an edgy comedy, perhaps in the vein of "Get Shorty" and "True Romance", but in its process it actually forgot about its story. Being goofy and edgy isn't enough if your story just isn't all that interesting or convincing.

It also is trying a bit too hard to be daring and edgy, with its exaggerated violence, characters and dialog. It feels forced, rather than natural and there most definitely never is a good balance between its heartfelt- and realistic and crazy- and exaggerated moments. A real mess of a movie, that is made all the more worse by its confusing writing and lacking forces.

It truly feels all over the place with its story. It is filled with countless side-plots and tons of characters, which all however too often lack a real purpose. It often also remains unclear what direction the movie is taking things at, which in this case isn't a positive thing. It lacks a clear goal and purpose with its story, which also is due to the fact that the story lacks a solid and likable enough main character.

Just like the rest of the movie, they tried a bit too hard to turn the main character into an edgy one. She is supposed to be a 15-year old 'smartass', who of course lacks absolutely nothing like a 15-year old and most definitely does not behave like one either, though the latter of course is intentional. She just isn't all that likable. The movie gives you very little reason to empathize and sympathize with her throughout the story. Not really Joey King her fault, but I blame the writing instead.

It actually is never a totally terrible movie to watch, but I just never had any fun with it. It overall also feels like a far too pointless movie, that lacks focus as well. It is never a very funny movie either, despite the movie its hard efforts. It is good looking, fast paced, but it yet fails to deliver as a decent enough comedy.


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Dead Again in Tombstone (2017) Directed by Roel Reiné

Ah yes, I have seen the first "Dead in Tombstone" and I apparently quite liked it, but I am not going to pretend like I remember much about it. Same goes for this movie. It is all good and fun to watch, but I doubt I am going to remember much about it in a few months from now.

It is basically a B-movie done right. It never pretends- or tries to be more than it is and it puts its emphasis on its entertaining aspects. It is following a story, but does it really matter? It is a very simplistic and straightforward story, which only purpose is to provide the movie with a ton of gun-slinging action and some crazy zombie action.

To be fair, the movie isn't as zombie and horror filled as I expected it would. If I remember correctly, this actually was the biggest selling point of the first Dead in Tombstone" movie, but this one however is more an action western, that is definitely more about its action.

I won't say Roel Reiné is a great director who makes great movies, but he certainly is one who knows how to handle action. Lets just say he is a 'light' version of Michael Bay, of low-budget movies. The action is absolutely delightful to watch and luckily there is plenty of it in this movie. It is well shot, well planned out and besides pretty loud. Most low-budget production don't bother too much with sound, but it really is something that could elevate an action sequence and make it all the more thrilling and exciting to watch, even at home.

It otherwise also remains a pretty decent looking movie, with its setting, sets, costumes and lighting. It most definitely isn't a typical cheap looking B-flick. It actually looks like it is set in the old west, though at the same time it is a bit of a fantasy world of course. It certainly is a very exaggerated movie, in just about every regard imaginable, including its world, characters, dialog and action.

These type of movies must be the most fun ones to do for Danny Trejo. He really plays the central role in this movie. A hero while still being a bit of a villain as well and a script that provides him with plenty of dialog and action to handle. It doesn't exactly have the name and reputation of a 'Machete' movie, but these movies are just as 'Danny Trejo' as any 'Machete' movie. He is not a great actor in these movies, but his presence and charisma alone is more than enough. I also quite enjoyed Jake Busey as the main villain. It is not necessarily a typical villainous Jake Busey part. He actually plays his role quite subtle and different from his usual 'psycho' parts.

Especially story-wise not the best movie to watch, but it knows to bring plenty of entertainment with its solid action and crazy fun characters and scenes.


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The Hatred (2017) Directed by Michael G. Kehoe

Nazi's and horror. What could go wrong? Well, plenty.

No, this is not an absolutely terrible movie, but it does feel like some wasted potential. The movie starts off promising enough, but a slow middle part and a disappointing end makes this movie nothing more but a somewhat OK horror flick, with plenty of flaws in it.

It seems to be a bit confused about what it wants to be. What seems to start off as a slasher, actually turns into a typical haunted house flick, as the movie goes along. It uses a lot of different horror ingredients and approaches to it. A lot of things work, but a lot of things also don't, or don't go along very well with each other. It is a bit of a mishmash of different horror themes, that the one moment is all great and fun to watch, but the next incredibly weak, though it all depends on personal taste of course.

The movie actually starts off promising enough and I much more would have preferred if the entire movie was a period piece, rather than just its first 15 minutes or so. As soon as the movie starts to take place in modern times I started to loose interest in it as well. It became a far too formulaic movie, with uninteresting characters and all of the usual settings and events. That doesn't mean that it is very eventful movie as well though. It was actually weird to see how the movie slowed down after such a fast start. For most part of the movie there really isn't happening all that much in it.

But once the real horror kicks in, it doesn't become much of a better movie really. It is all too clichéd, with all of the usual and expected jump scares in it, though I have to admit that the movie remains a pretty well made one, at least visually. It is also one of those modern horror movies that uses tons of CGI, but it is actually something that works well for this movie and it enhances the atmosphere, as well as some of the horror. It also has a good look to it, however don't expect much blood and gore from it.

What is even more disappointing than its middle part is its ending. I just can't even really call it much of an ending. The movie really doesn't seem to know how it should end, so it just simply, well, ends. Nothing wrong with the build up, but the pay off is most definitely lacking. And that pretty much sums up this movie; the build up to most things is pretty decent, but the build up however is too often leading up to nowhere, or just ends up being something disappointing.

It still is really far from the worst genre attempt I have ever seen, but it still doing far too much wrong to consider it to be a watchable enough genre movie.


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Bad Twin (2016) Directed by John Murlowski

It often is essential for thrillers to feature a decent enough concept that the movie can draw plenty of tension from. In this case the movie succeeds at this, though it is not quite enough to make it a totally effective genre movie as well.

The movie really has a 'fun' and decent enough sounding concept. I mean, creepy kids always work out well for these sort of movies. The movie also does a decent job handling most of its suspense. It however too often lacks a good enough buildup as well. As far as its storytelling is concerned, this is a very lacking movie. It never handles its mystery very well, making this an often too simplistic and shallow movie to watch. It never explains anything properly, which in my opinion is its biggest downfall. It just conveniently lets things happen, without setting up any proper character motivations and convincing- and engaging enough story-lines first.

As a whole the movie remains a decent enough little thriller to watch because of its concept, but it fails to turn into anything more than that due to the handling of it. Typical for a TV movie, that often are to the point- and very simplistic and straightforward movies to watch. There is never enough room for anything to truly develop, which is a shame, since its concept definitely showed more potential.

I just hate how characters are evil within this movie, without any explanation whatsoever. It can work in certain cases, however for this movie it really doesn't, since the lack of any sort of explanation and backstory is too apparent, all throughout. It doesn't make the movie necessarily bad, boring or predictable but it is something that makes the movie simplistic and forgettable.

The acting isn't anything too impressive either. The psycho kids are psycho kids and basically everybody else plays a happy, 'average' person. There very rarely is any subtlety or realism to these type of TV movies, as far as its characters are concerned. Granted, it is not all the actors their fault but it is not like the actors ever make a scene any more interesting or good to watch with their acting.

Well, it is still good enough to watch maybe once, if you are really into these Lifetime channel movies, but otherwise this remains nothing more but a very forgettable and far too straightforward and simplistic little thriller.


Sleepwalking in Suburbia (2017) Directed by Alex Wright

Basing an entire drama/thriller centered around sleepwalking, isn't that a bit crazy? Well, yes it is. Not just crazy, but certainly a bit silly as well.

The movie takes a very serious approach with its concept, as if it is following a sort of realistic dramatic story. However very little realistic or even somewhat convincing about its story. It is all incredibly far fetched, its main story as well as all of the developments in it. The developments are actually what makes the movie all the more worse to watch, especially the big twist at the end, which I regardless am not going to spoil for you.

Just nothing tense or exciting about a sleepwalking main character. The things she goes through are not only just unconvincing but also incredibly uninteresting. Both on a dramatic and thriller level this movie falls short. Its lack of good drama ensures that the movie never becomes the most engaging one around and the lack of good thriller elements ensures that the movie never becomes a very tense or exciting one neither.

And what is with the sleepwalking actress anyway? It is very typical for this movie that the sleepwalking itself isn't even all that convincing. She walks around like a zombie, which at times looks unintentionally laughable. Most of the actors are really struggling to deliver any good emotions as well, making this a very flat- as well as very unconvincing movie to watch. It besides doesn't make any of the characters all that likable.

Can't even really say that the film-makers are too blame in this case. They simply shot what they had to shot. It really is the script that doesn't work out and wouldn't have worked out under any other circumstances neither. It is that far fetched, flawed and just plain ridicules. Yes, maybe as a comedy this still could have been a remotely entertaining one, but I even doubt that.

Not necessarily a bad movie, but a very ridicules and silly one instead, in a not so very positive way.


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Psycho Wedding Crasher (2017) Directed by David Langlois

Is this movie just as awesome as its title? Well, not quite, though it remains a pretty decent movie, for what it is.

Nothing too surprising, nothing too thriller, but it luckily remains a pretty good little TV thriller to watch. It does a pretty decent job with its story and characters, even though the movie never truly impresses you with anything.

It features a pretty classic thriller concept it, that involves stalking and a psycho. In other words; plenty of ingredients to turn this movie in a thriller with lots of suspenseful and good moments. The movie also in fact does a fairly good job with building up its suspense and even though it never manages to surprise you with anything, it never feels like you are watching a terrible genre flick either. It is a pretty well done movie, especially considering the resources and the limitations that TV movies brings with them, such as a lack of violence and blood for instance.

The movie mostly works out well because of its characters. They are exaggerated, but still at the same time never too over-the-top. Heather Morris for instance plays a pretty good 'psycho', who the one moment can be cute and 'normal', while the other she turns manipulative and violent. It is pretty convincing and it never feels like the movie is trying too hard to villainize her. You can even feel somewhat sympathetic towards her, once you get to know more about her character.

The story has a good flow to it and it ensures that there is always plenty happening in the movie. There never is a dull of slow moment in it, which of course is also due to its fairly short running time. It doesn't waste too much time on needless side-plots and characters, though the movie most definitely is not entirely devoid of them. I for instance still don't really understand the point of the Joan Van Ark. It definitely felt and seemed like she was going to be a big and important part of this movie, but in the end it is all far too meaningless and most definitely doesn't live up to its potential, which pretty much sums up this entire movie.

It is nothing too bad, but there is just no way anyone could ever call this a great- or very original and surprising movie as well.


#REALITYHIGH (2017) Directed by Fernando Lebrija

Just another average teenage comedy, about average teenage things, made by a very average cast and crew. Not surprising to heat that this movie is nothing but average, at best.

Main thing with this movie is that it really isn't doing anything new with anything. The story lines are both typical for a movie like this, as well as incredibly predictable. I don't know what is worse really; the fact that this is such a typical and uninspired one or such a formulaic and predictable one, with basically everything it does. It in any case all ensures that this movie turns into an incredibly mundane and forgettable one.

The right intentions are there. I mean, the movie is trying to send out some positive messages, in a light and fun way, but the problem with all of it just is that all of it has been done to death already. Movies about school popularity, insecurities, love, following your heart, remain true to yourself and all that stuff. However by being so formulaic, as well as exaggerated with its style, characters and story, the messages do kind of fall flat. I honestly can't imaging anyone feeling genuinely inspired or touched by this movie. Not that all movies are supposed to, but this was clearly something this movie was aspiring to do with its story. I besides do feel and believe that the movie misses the mark with some of its messages at times. Everyhing is just a bit too convenient and by constantly changing its main character it also sorts of sends out mixed signals at times.

As simple entertainment it still remains pretty decent to watch. Despite the fact that it is nothing too original, I can still see how some people are going to feel entertained by it. It is not necessarily a very realistic depiction of high school-life, but there is still plenty there for high school students to relate to. The comedy besides remains pretty decent and the movie has some entertaining characters in it.

As a romantic movie it definitely is a much weaker movie. I wasn't really feeling the love between the two main characters, or understood why they fell for each other. For most part of the movie they are so different from each other and seem to share very little similarities. The lack of chemistry between its leads also definitely is a big part of the reason why the whole love story of the movie never quite seems to work out.

The movie also tries a bit too hard to be hip and relevant. Problem with most high school movies is that they get made by people who haven't been a teenager for years already anymore and are a bit out of touch with modern technology and with what is going on in most average teenage lives nowadays. I feel like that is being a bit the case with this movie as well, with all of its YouTube and Internet themes. Besides, the style of the movie isn't all that great neither. It tries to be a slick and fast, but the editing is quite horrible at times, to be frank.

But it above all things mostly remains disappointing to see how this movie isn't trying to do anything daring or surprising with any of its themes. It is a very tame movie, by normal teenage comedy standards, that is clean, without any excessive themes in it. Clean doesn't necessarily equal boring, but it in this case does make things a bit too uninteresting and fun to watch at times. Its cleanness and tameness besides contribute to it that the movie remains a far too predictable one, from start to finish.

Well, it remains a watchable enough movie. Just don't except anything too great or any surprises from it. Entertaining, but not very memorable or all that well done.


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My Baby Is Gone! (2017) Directed by Steve Bacic

Why watch a movie that plays out by the numbers and offers you absolutely no surprises, whatsoever. I certainly don't have a logical answer to it. Seems to me that even the Lifetime channel crowd should feel disappointed and upset with this movie. It after all isn't only formulaic, it also does an incredibly poor job handling all of its thriller elements.

It is obvious from the start on already who is good. It is obvious who is bad and it is also very obvious what all of the intentions are and how things are going to play-out and eventually end up like. The movie is just far too obvious. And indeed, everything happens and progresses exactly in the way you expect it to. No twists no clever written. You can everything coming from miles away already and the movie just isn't ever very subtle or clever with anything. It certainly goes at the expense of its credibility as well as its 'entertainment' value.

I just don't understand where this movie was supposed to get any of its tension from. There is basically no mystery, since everything gets explained and laid out to you at all times and it does a poor job building up any tension. It is not just because it is a formulaic movie, but also a poorly done one. It has TV-quality written all over and the film-makers were obviously thinking out of the box. They stayed within the lines given to them and they absolutely never attempt to do anything daring or unexpected with any of its plot lines or characters.

But also drama-wise it most definitely is the most engaging movie to watch. The movie basically consists out of a bunch of people constantly talking about- and being concerned about the well being of a baby that isn't even born yet. seriously, this movie is all about pregnancy, but never about any good characters or decent enough drama. It is kind of annoying to watch and listen to really, whenever a character is overreacting again, or being overly concerned just because the baby hasn't been moving for 10 seconds.

The acting is also quite terrible. Again, nothing subtle about this movie. As always, thee just never is any gray area within these Lifetime channel movies. Good characters are extremely good and kind, while bad characters are almost like James Bond villains, doing stuff that never is convincing for these type of movies that are supposed to be realistic and often are based on real life events, such as this movie.

Terrible to watch. Even if the Lifetime channel really is your thing.


Salty (2017) Directed by Simon West

In its core this is a fun movie, that however somehow manages to ruin things for itself.

I actually still remember the days Simon West was a big name director, when it come down to action blockbusters. Nowdays he is stuck doing these type of low-budget movies, but what is worse is that his movies just aren't much good to watch. Has he lost it? It certainly seems so. Fundamental things such as storytelling are incredibly messy and jumbled and it has a hard time turning any of its characters into likable ones. It also is disappointing to see how a great action director such as West doesn't even seem to bother with action anymore. Other than its posters perhaps would suggest, there basically is no action in this movie at all, while it really could have used some action moments to spice things up a little. It besides features the type of plot that would have been perfect for a few fist fights, shoot outs and chase scenes, here and there. Instead now the movie features hardly anything in it at all. It is not much of an action movie, not a thriller and certainly no engaging movie to watch either.

This movie truly foremost remains a comedy, but it is hard to see how it is supposed to be funny. It seems to me that the script got written as a somewhat 'serious' and straightforward movie, but the film- makers decided to try and turn it into a silly comedy instead, without any good reason.

The movie problem with the movie really is its main characters, played by Antonio Banderas. While Banderas himself is good, his character is just a far too weird and over-the-top one for this movie. It is a movie with a very grounded approach to it, yet its main character seems like a leftover from an Austin Powers movie. But it is not like his character is the only one that doesn't work. I literally can't name any that does work out well for this movie or even remotely adds anything positive to the story.

In all honesty, the movie still starts off well enough, but it seems to loose focus and steam as it heads on. While it still follows a main story for its first half, it seems to completely abandon it during its second. Things get far too random and nonsensical to enjoy. The second half of this movie actually makes it a nearly unwatchable one.

Not only bad as a comedy, but also really bad as a movie in general.


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Offline - Das Leben ist kein Bonuslevel (2016) Directed by Florian Schnell

While they aren't a lot of movies about playing video games around, it still is fair to say that this one isn't among the better ones. It however remains entertaining all throughout, making this movie still worth watching.

Lets just say that this movie ain't no "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World", while this movie very obviously got inspired by it, especially visually. It doesn't make this the most original movie to watch, but it luckily still does have plenty of creativity of its own in it. It does successfully combine real-life and video game elements, which is the one main thing where the movie draws most of its fun from. It isn't necessarily the writing or characters that make this a good and entertaining movie to watch. The humor actually is quite lame at parts, since the movie tries a bit too hard at times. It certainly isn't the most subtle or realistic movie around, which of course is fine for a comedy, but it still gets in its way from ever turning into a true great movie.

I liked how the movie was all about its main character being into video games, while the biggest and weirdest adventure of his life happened while being offline. I only hope that the movie wasn't trying to send out a serious message with it though, about playing less online and going more outside at times. Nothing wrong with the message itself, but the events that happen in this movie are so incredibly far fetched that it doesn't make this message the most effect and realistic. But who knows, maybe the movie was just merely trying to tell a good and fun movie with its story. I certainly hope so.

The adventure aspects are all very exaggerated, but this is what actually adds to the fun of the movie. The movie is obviously targeted toward a young teen crowd, but this movie is evenly perfectly fine and watchable for those who are a bit older and not into video games at all. The video game aspects about the movie aren't surprisingly lame either. It is obvious that the film-makers knew what they were doing and video games- and the online world weren't no strangers to them.

The movie as a whole remains a pretty well made one. It has a good, snappy pace and style to it and it is good to see how the movie doesn't slow down for anything. That means it doesn't have too many needless distraction in it, such as pointless side-plots and characters. It is true that in a way the movie remains a bit too simplistic and straightforward as well with its story. I mean, once you really start analyzing things, there really isn't all that much to either its story or characters. It has a lot to cover up for this though, such as its earlier mentioned style and pace. It is a visually very appealing movie to look it. A very colorful movie without being too cartoony.

Never a great movie, but luckily at all times a good and entertaining one to watch.


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Throne of Elves (2016) Directed by Yi Ge & Yuefeng Song

Not every animated movie is a Disney. This can either mean something positive or negative, however in this case it means both.

Plenty of things to like about this movie, but also plenty of things that I am still scratching my head over. Fist of all; I really don't know who this movie is made for. It is not quite a kids movie, but not quite a movie for merely adults either. Some incredibly childish aspects about this movie, but then there are some surprisingly scary, violent and bloody moments in the movie as well, making this movie most definitely not suitable for the very young ones. Guess it is fair to say that this movie is for the lovers of the animation genre, regardless of sex and age.

That still doesn't make the movie less 'confusing' and focused though. It is a bit of a mishmash of different animated movie elements, that sometimes go together very well, but at others still make the movie a bit weak to watch at times. The movie basically is a combination of fantasy/fairy tale world like elements and more dark and sinister adventure movie and more video game-like elements. It is as if the movie itself also doesn't really know what it wants to be. Fun and entertaining or spectacular and engaging. It attempts to be all, without ever combining all of the elements in a very natural and successful way.

The movie also takes far too long to set its story up. The build up for animated movies usually is fast and snappy and throws you right into the midst of things, but this movie really takes its time to set up its story and characters, without being too apparent where it is taking things. This can be seen as a positive approach, but I feel that for a short animated movie this really isn't the right sort of approach. It even makes the first 20 minutes of the movie somewhat redundant to watch, despite the fact that all of the main characters get introduced in it.

Not only the story is a mishmash, but also its animations. Some of the character look like they come straight out of a fantasy-video game, while others are more realistic and some are very cartoony. It is almost as if three separated studios worked on this movie, independently from each other. It truly is a bit weird to watch all, but luckily the movie gets saved by the fact that it still at all times remains a very appealing one to look it. The animations are definitely good, especially all of the backgrounds. The characters animations and movements are besides very smooth looking as well, which really brings them all to live, even if the story doesn't really.

It maybe sounds like I absolute he this movie, but I really don't. It is just that it is an odd combination of many different elements, that don't always gel very well. It however remains a perfectly fine and entertaining little adventure movie to watch, with some wonderful looking animations. I certainly don't regret watching it and had a pretty good time with.

Certainly a watchable animated movie, especially if you are into the genre of course. Not too sure about it if its good for little children as well though.


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Residue (2017) Directed by Rusty Nixon

Most people are probably going to think it is crazy, but I quite liked this movie. Maybe even more than just 'liked'!

It is crazy, it is weird, but I love it! This is the kind of stuff they used to make in the '80's and even still till this very day has a following. The kind of exaggerated horror, that is far more like a comedy, in the vein of movies like "Re-Animator" and "The Toxic Avenger" for instance. The gore, the humor, the characters. It all is very over-the-top, which not everybody is going to like, but for the lovers of the '80's horror genre this movie is going to be an absolute treat. Not that the movie ever reaches an absolute level of greatness, but it is a nice throwback to the movies of the '80's. These type of movies usually aren't great anyway, but at least they are very fun to watch. That of course is also really worth something.

Thing that especially makes this movie work is the obvious fact that it is made by a bunch of people with a love for the genre and movies in particular. This also can be dangerous though. Creating a movie as a love letter can backfire and make a movie incredibly shallow and unappealing to watch, since it isn't doing enough on its own. This movie definitely does plenty of original and creative things on its own though, which again, some people are just going think is weird, but others are absolutely going to love. Especially the gore is incredibly good and enjoyable to look at.

This still so very easily could have turned into a bad and ridicules movie to watch, had its budget and lack of quality gotten in its way. It however 'luckily' is a quite well made movie, with some good directing to it and acting in it, in which its low budget never shines through. At least never in a negative way. The actors never take things too far and instead allows its story and visuals to speak for itself. And it really is appealing movie to look at, not just with its gore and effects but also its cinematography and some good, smooth, editing.

The story is deliciously nonsensical, but what is more important is that it works out engaging enough all. Really, nothing too clever or fancy, but it works anyway. It is all a bit too random- and the main plot line isn't solid enough to call this an absolutely great genre flick, but I genuinely do believe that the lovers of the genre should be able to get plenty of enjoyment out of this movie.

A really good- but above all really fun and entertaining movie, for what it is. Don't let its terrible and cheap looking cover scare you off!


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