Main reason why people already are 'opposed' to this movie is because it's yet another remake of an Asian horror/thriller. Granted that there is a good reason for people to get up their high horses, considering the long and extensive list of crappy Hollywood remakes of some great and classic Asian genre movies but of course there are also still plenty of remakes out there that at least are just as good and enjoyable as the originals that they are based on.

And even though I haven't seen the original movie ("13 game sayawng") this one is based on, I still am fairly convinced that it's at least just as good as the original, since the movie works out as an effective one. It's a pleasant and original feeling genre movie, with a great premise, that makes the movie both enjoyable and pretty gruesome as well.

It's actually a very simple main premise but yet it still manages to feel like a clever and original one. There are some movies out there that are somewhat similar to this one but you simply just can't say of this movie that it's a very formulaic one, that 'borrows' heavily from any other genre movies. Its premise further more ensures that the movie never becomes a slow one- or one that starts to repeat itself after a while. There is plenty of variety and creativity in this movie, which is the foremost reason why I enjoyed watching it.

I still have to say though that the movie for most part is more of an 'enjoyable' and somewhat lighthearted one, which doesn't always goes along very well with the movie its more serious themes and moments. At times, especially toward the end, the movie is genuinely trying to shock and be a brutal and gruesome one with the gore and violence, as well as with some of its story developments. It doesn't really feel right when the movie is suddenly turning into an all serious one, while before that point the movie was only busy trying to provide you with entertainment.

It was definitely good to watch Ron Perlman in this movie. He plays a good role but be informed that he isn't playing the lead role in this movie. He actually plays a fairly small part but his presence nevertheless was enough to bring the movie up a notch for me.

It's an effective and pretty creative movie, that I can recommend watching and one that I genuinely enjoyed!


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