Funny thing about this movie is that it has an estimated budget of $1,500,000. You can easily take a couple of zeros away from that number though and it probably would be far more accurate!

This movie is just and I mean just a notch above an amateur project. Basic settings, cheap special effects, no real action...everything about this movie screams out bad and cheap and it does nothing to ever grab your attention.

Half of the time, I don't even know what is supposed to be going on in this movie. I'm still puzzled about the movie its main plot and to add to the confusion, it's a Vietnam war movie in which American soldiers are constantly fighting each other, instead of the NVA. But what for and who's after who exactly? I still don't really understand any of it. Something to do with cut off fingers, a tattoo and a cancer-ridden commander. it's not like the movie is a very clever or complicated one but it nevertheless is a tough one to follow and understand, since everything about it works out as terribly confusing and messy.

Also funny how this is supposed to be a Vietnam war movie but the movie very obviously got entirely shot in a random forest, somewhere in the good ole' US of A. They made no real attempts to add some authenticity and realism to this movie, aside from some annoying sound effects.

There is some action in the movie but it all feels very random and like I said before, half of the time I don't even know what's going on. I don't know who are supposed to be the good- and bad guys in this and who I'm supposed to root for. There's basically no character development in the movie and all of the characters seem too much alike with their 'personalities'.

I feel I'm being very kind with my rating, since it most definitely is a movie that you should never watch. But I don't know, as a low-budget, almost amateur-like, project it's not as bad as things could have been and I definitely have seen far worse as well, believe it or not.


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