This movie is pretty much up to par with all of the other Tinker Bell movies (yes, I'm a real expert on these movies...), meaning that it's a far from great or very creative movie but it's a perfectly watchable one for young kids anyway, especially for girls of course.

Still absolutely no reason why this movie should be playing at any theaters though. Actually was surprised by the fact that this movie is playing in some theaters around the globe, since it's a real straight-to-DVD quality type of movie. Not just in the way how it looks but also story wise.

The movie is about as simple and straightforward as they can get with its story. But what's more 'disturbing' and disappointing is that the movie isn't ever even really trying. It isn't trying to come up with a new or creative angle to things and the way the movie flows makes it obvious to me that they weren't too concerned about telling a good or original enough story. The movie basically just goes from the one scene to the other. Nothing about it feels very surprising, tense or engaging enough. Everything that happens seems to be without real consequences to the story and it therefor really doesn't matter all that much what's happening in it, so why should you ever care of feel involved with any of it?

But it of course now seems that I'm reading too much into things and are taking this movie far too serious. After all, it's nothing but a simplistic movie, targeted toward young kids and girls in particular, who basically only care about seeing fairies fly around, bright colors on the screen and a simple story for them to understand. Sounds demeaning but it's true of course. Young kids expect less from a movie like this and are far more easier to please and satisfy, entertainment-wise, as me of course.

That still doesn't make this movie a great one of course. There are plenty of genre examples that still work out as much better ones, just because they all have a tad bit more creativity in them. This movie offers absolutely no creativity, aside from the fact that it stars a bunch of pirates in it. But in the long run, what does it really add to the movie? I mean, the pirates are basically interchangeable with pretty much any other group of 'villains'. And I say villains but what do they do that's so evil in this movie? Absolutely nothing in my opinion but I guess I'm just more a pirates guy than a fairy guy, so I kind of was more interested in them and liked the characters better than any of the fairies in this movie.

And there really are a whole bunch of fairies in this movie. Seems like more and more of them show up, with every new Tinker Bell movie that comes out. And while all of them look different enough from each other and have their very own distinctive personalities, they still more or less start to blend together after a while, not in the least because it's hard to remember any of their names. It also really doesn't matter all that much that some of them are voiced by some pretty well known actors. They all sound alike any way.

The movie is pretty good looking. definitely way better than the stuff they used to make 10 years ago, on a similar sort of budget, aimed toward the same crowd. It's fair to say that even cheapest animation movies nowadays are pretty good looking ones, with good enough looking backgrounds, character animations and 'action' in them.

A watchable enough movie for young kids but it's really nothing special, memorable, creative or truly that hilarious.


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