All of this week's new movie reviews

The Hot Flashes (2013)

This absolutely most definitely isn't a great, very effective or original movie but you know what, it's still some fun, cute, harmless entertainment to watch and I therefore just can't call it a bad movie as well. Read more>

Antboy (2013)

Denmark's first ever superhero is more of a kids movie than a genuine superhero movie but that's OK really! Read more>

Angels in Stardust (2014)

This isn't just a bad movie, it's an absolutely terrible one! Read more>

Buckwild (2013)

It's hard to be original and standout as a zombie movie, especially nowadays, with new zombie movies hitting the shelves and/or playing in theaters, every few other days. This movie manages to find a pretty original and amusing angle to the genre but I just can't call it a great- or even entirely recommendable movie as well. Read more>

Non-Stop (2014)

This sounds like a good movie. This sounds like a tense movie. This sounds like an exciting movie but is it really all of that? Meh, it's OK. Read more>


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