Denmark's first ever superhero is more of a kids movie than a genuine superhero movie but that's OK really!

I can't say this is a great movie but thing I can still say about it is that it's a pretty entertaining kids movie. It's basically a great one to watch for kids because of its main premise. Every young boy and some girls as well of course secretly dream about becoming a superhero one day and in this movie that's exactly what happens to young Pelle Nøhrmann, after he gets bitten by a genetically mutated ant.

Sounds familiar all? Well, it should, since this is a movie that isn't ever really trying to be original on its own but more one that's referencing as many superhero franchises as possible. It's also following all of the usual superhero tropes and the movie is filled with lots of stereotypical characters and other genre clichés but since this is more of a spoof than a actually superhero movie, It's not really a problem at all.

Scandinavian movies usually have no difficulties telling a good kids movie, told from the perspective of a young kid. And this movie has no difficulties with this either, though it doesn't work out on all levels. It's just some silly, fantasy, fun, without a real good main story in it really. It isn't just formulaic and predictable but also never anything too interesting or engaging unfortunately. You feel that deep down there still was a good and interesting 'underdog' story in this movie, about a small and inconspicuous boy who grew out to be a popular and powerful superhero but the movie its more 'dramatic' and serious elements never work out too well, since this never becomes the main goal or focus of the movie. It does feel like a missed opportunity and something that could have provided this movie with some additional layers and a more engaging main story- and characters in it.

But I'm really not complaining too much. After all, it's absolutely a kids movie and I'm sure of it that young kids are going to enjoy this movie, regardless of all its flaws and 'missed opportunities'. Adults may have some more difficulties with it but hey, as long as their kids enjoy it they should be happy as well.

It's also a pretty good looking movie with some good directing and pace to it. Despite its low budget and the fact that there isn't all that much action in the movie, it never becomes a slow or boring one to watch. Granted that this is also due to the simple fact that this is a rather short movie but that clearly isn't always a bad thing.

Some simple, good, kids entertainment.


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