This isn't just a bad movie, it's an absolutely terrible one!

There is so much wrong with this movie. It basically is a completely unwatchable one due to the way how its constructed and gets told, by first time director William Robert Carey.

It isn't just a messy movie but it also feels like an incredibly pointless one. After having just finished watching this movie, I still can't really tell you what kind of story it was trying to tell and with what purpose. There isn't really a message in the movie and the characters or drama all really aren't anything solid enough to ever turn this movie into a very interesting or remotely effective one.

The movie absolutely never has a very pleasant or natural flow to it. Thing never get setup- or resolved properly and the way scenes follow each other up made me think I was somehow watching a work print, that was still missing a ton of crucial scenes from it. Things never really connect or blend in very well with each other and it's basically like you are watching a bunch of unrelated scenes, all with a bunch of dull and uninteresting story lines and characters in them, very rapidly constantly following each other up.

That's a big problem as well really. Because the movie never takes the time for things to naturally flow and develop, it also feels like it's glossing over a whole bunch of stuff and things get forced, with also as a result that some scenes feel far too short and rushed. The drama of the movie easily could have worked out as something interesting and engaging, If only the movie had been a bit more subtle and patient at certain points with its story and the approach to it.

But there's another reason why the drama isn't ever working out too well; the movie its overall tone is far too light and fluffy. It too often expects- and wants you to laugh at things, rather than trying to make you feel emotionally involved with anything. It's as if the movie itself is too afraid to ever become a too serious and heavy one. The result is a fluffy and uninteresting drama, that really isn't ever doing anything good or interesting, also really because it just isn't able to ever handle and develop things properly enough.

And since the movie is a too fluffy one, it also really doesn't work out as a very realistic movie. Like I said before, certain things feel too forced and everything progresses in an incredibly unconvincing and unnatural way.

The movie truly feels all over the place with its messy storytelling and unconvincing and uninteresting many different story lines. The acting is all good enough and the characters also aren't anything too terrible but unfortunately director and writer William Robert Carey had absolutely no idea how to handle things and turn this movie into a decent and watchable enough, dramatic, coming of age story, set in a desolate town in the South. I absolutely hated watching this annoyingly bad movie!


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