It's hard to be original and standout as a zombie movie, especially nowadays, with new zombie movies hitting the shelves and/or playing in theaters, every few other days. This movie manages to find a pretty original and amusing angle to the genre but I just can't call it a great- or even entirely recommendable movie as well.

The main problem with this movie; it's just a bit too silly for its own good. It's going for a comedy approach but at the same time it's still obvious that the movie wants to be a genuine zombie flick and horror movie as well at parts. It may have worked out, if only the movie had a better balance. The comedy and horror of the movie however don't go together very well, with as a result that especially all of the horror and zombie elements of the movie fall mostly flat.

It just isn't the most exciting, tense or engaging movie to watch, which is the foremost reason why I'm somewhat reluctant to call it a recommendable one. Having said that, it's not a terrible movie as well. It's definitely amusing and also absolutely way better than just the average, low-budget, genre attempt. Like I said, it manages to find an original approach and angle to things, which helps to keep things fresh as well as entertaining enough all.

Of course not everything about the comedy of the movie works out. At times the movie is trying a bit too hard to be as silly and exaggerated as possible, which feels all too forced and distracting to ever work out well enough. But yes, luckily the movie most of the time is indeed still a pretty funny and certainly amusing one to watch, so it isn't too big of a complaint.

The writing still could have been a bit tighter at parts though. For instance, not all of the character arcs work out, which is due to the simple fact that most of it is going absolutely nowhere. The movie isn't always handling things in the best or most interesting way imaginable and it's somewhat disappointing to see how some of the plot lines just fizzle out toward the end.

I also don't believe that the lovers of zombie movies are going to fall in love with this movie. There isn't enough 'zombie action' and the way they all get treated is in a more comical kind of way. Also don't expect tons of blood and gore from this movie. Sure, there is blood and gore in it but due to its approach it doesn't work out as anything shocking or disgustingly awesome. It doesn't ever make an impact, despite the fact that it's pretty good looking all.

It's definitely a fun and original enough little movie but not a must-see by any means.


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