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Holy Ghost People (2013)

Again, here we have a movie that may seem and sound like a horror movie but in fact is something totally different. Or well, is it truly? Movies about religious zealots are pretty scary ones in my opinion, since they show a dangerous side of the human psyche. Read more>

Otto er et næsehorn (2013)

The only time I ever read books was when I still was a young kid. And yes indeed, 'Otto is a rhinoceros' was one of those books, along with a whole bunch of other Ole Lund Kirkegaard novels. Not that I remember much about any of them but some of his books were some of my favorite ones as a young kid. Guess I liked the fantasy and imaginative elements, as well as the young main characters in it, who usually were anti-heroes. So does this movie manage to capture the same kind of fun and imaginative elements as the Ole Lund Kirkegaard novels? Absolutely not, in my opinion! Read more>

The Projectionist (2014)

A bit of "Taxi Driver". a bit of "The Machinist" and then a bit of some other movies as well. In other words; it doesn't sound like the world's most original movie but it actually does manage to find a way to work out very well on its own. Read more>

Barefoot (2014)

This movie features an incredibility stupid and unconvincing main premise and the movie therefore also works out as a very stupid and highly unconvincing one! Read more>

Wicked Blood (2014)

What a shame. This movie starts off incredibly well and very promising but things start to go downhill at just about the halfway point. The movie doesn't handle all of its developments in the best or most effective way, which sort of causes the movie to fizzle out. Read more>

American Weapon (2014) 

This is a weird one. It looks look a decent genre movie, with a good atmosphere to it but the movie itself is actually terrible! Read more>

3 Days to Kill (2014) 

For some reason I got a great old fashioned vibe from this movie. It's simple, it's entertaining but yet also made with lots of quality and talent involved. Read more>

Bullet (2014) 

No doubt that most people are going to hate on this movie. After all, it's a cheap movie starring Danny Trejo and it's directed by a person who has directed some absolutely terrible movies in the past before. But really, by B-action movie standards, this movie really isn't anything too bad to watch! Read more>

Ready 2 Die (2014) 

Welcome to amateur hour with John Azpilicueta! Read more>


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