This absolutely most definitely isn't a great, very effective or original movie but you know what, it's still some fun, cute, harmless entertainment to watch and I therefore just can't call it a bad movie as well.

I say it isn't very original but it still has a pretty original and good main premise. I mean, there aren't an awful lot of movies and comedies out there that celebrate middle aged women. But having said that, this really is the one original thing about this movie. Other than that, it's a very basic and standard underdog sports comedy, in which a bunch of misfits team up for a series of basketball games, to raise money for breast cancer prevention. It's all very predictable and the movie also isn't ever really trying to surprise with anything.

It's a movie that's never standing out with anything but that at the same time also means that it isn't ever being an outrageous or too exaggerated one with anything either. I feel that this is one of the reasons why this movie still worked out as some good and harmless entertainment to me, unlike most other comedies starring an all female cast. Sure, it's a chick-flick but I as a man was also still definitely able to enjoy it on several levels.

But it still at the same time remains a very lacking movie though. It for instance really isn't a very solidly constructed movie. Most of the story lines, other than the main plot line, never work out that well or as something all that interesting. Luckily the movie never dwells too long and still has a pretty good main focus. It's still disappointing to see how poorly some things get set up- and eventually get resolved. It's obvious that this movie had far more potential in it and it very easily also could have worked out as something far more engaging and effective with for instance the drama and some of its character arcs. Right now, as it is, the movie is just simply a fun and cute one but it could have worked out as something so much more, which remains a real shame.

The sports elements aren't all that good either really. None of the games are shot that well and there also never is a good build up to any of them. It besides also never feels like the women are improving and turning into good athletes again, who are able to beat a team of young girls, that are all young enough to be their daughters (and some of them literally are, which is kind of weird once you really start thinking about it). The games are never anything tense or exciting to watch, no matter how hard the movie is trying.

But really, it may be a sports comedy but it's still one that's mainly focusing on its characters, which is a positive thing in this case, since the characters are all some good, fun and likable ones. This movie definitely has a good cast, with actors such as Brooke Shields, Daryl Hannah, Wanda Sykes, Camryn Manheim and Virginia Madsen involved. I especially liked Brooke Shields, who luckily also is the main character and focus of the movie.

It's really not a great movie but it at least is a very fun, cute and perfectly harmless one to watch.


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