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Blood Shed (2014)

This horror movie may not have the best story, best character handling or the most tension in it, it at least never feels or looks like a terrible movie. But that's about the best and most positive thing I can say about this movie! Read more>

McCanick (2013)

On the one hand I have to respect the movie for trying but on the other, it ultimately never succeeds at what it's trying to achieve and I also really can't call it a great movie. Read more>

Happy Face Killer (2014) (TV)

This is a made for TV movie and I'll try to judge it as such, since by normal movie standards this really isn't a good movie at all. Read more>

Bad Country (2014)

Blehhhh, this is one messy feeling movie. It's never following a good or clear enough main plot line and it feels all over the place with its storytelling and many different characters. Read more>

300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

It basically comes down to it that this is a lesser version of the hit movie "300", in just about every regard. Read more>

Haunted (2014)

To a certain extent all horror movies are totally silly and implausible ones. Yet they can work out as something credible, by just creating its own world and realism, which is something this movie never succeeds at though. Read more>

Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014)

Best way to sum this movie up; it's not a great movie but it's some great children's entertainment nevertheless. Read more>

The 13th Unit (2014)

Over the years, I have seen my fair share of low-budget horror movies and while most of them are absolutely terrible, some of them are perfectly watchable as well and perhaps even better than most of the modern, high budget, genre movies out there. And yes, I believe that this movie is definitely better than just the average horror movie as well! Read more>

Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher (2014) (V)

In the current world of superhero movies, the Black Widow and Punisher characters are sort of reduced to secondary superheroes. It makes sense in that regard that there now finally is an animated movie in which they are given the opportunity to shine. But do they really? The movie is too much talk and not enough action in my opinion, which still may have been fine, if only the story was a more solid one. Read more>

Chasing the Devil (2014)

Surprise, surprise, another found footage movie. It's definitely something I'm growing tired of, since most of them are doing the exact same things and really aren't all that scary or thrilling to watch. I'll admit though that of course the foremost reason why I'm getting tired of this sub-genre is because I have seen more found footage movies than the average person, of which most were absolutely terrible. So how is this movie? Well, surprisingly not terrible at all! Read more>

Puncture Wounds (2014)

Well OK, it's certainly a better movie than most other modern, low-budget, action movies, starring the likes of Dolph Lundgren and Vinnie Jones in it but I just can't call it a great genre movie as well. Read more>

Against the Wild (2014)

This is said to be a family movie but like most family movies, it's mostly aimed toward young kids though, in which the young characters of the movie are also the main ones...along with a dog. Read more>

Crook (2013)

Maybe this isn't the worst modern, low-budget, crime thriller that I have ever seen but that isn't saying all that much of course. Read more>


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