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RoboCop (2014)

At first, this "RoboCop" remake, reboot, re-imaging, re-whatever sounded just plain stupid and terrible. But the more news that came out about it, the better and more reassuring all of its suddenly started to sound to me, especially after all of the early positive word to mouth. But no, it actually turned out that all of my initial thoughts and feelings about this new, 'modern', "RoboCop" were right after all. It's nothing but an average science-fiction/action movie, that's lacking any sort of depth and is not a very engaging movie to watch. Read more>

Someone Marry Barry (2014)

Don't really know what I expected from this movie but certainly nothing like this! Read more>

Ice Soldiers (2013)

This doesn't look or sound like a very good or original movie but it's actually surprisingly good and fun to watch! Read more>

The Monuments Men (2014)

Really don't feel the need to be very negative about this movie, since it isn't a terrible one. It just happens to be one that's not doing everything in the best or most interesting way imaginable. Read more>

Date and Switch (2014)

This is a good, cute and fun enough little movie but yet, it still sort of misses its mark. Read more>

Camp Takota (2014) 

Watching this movie is a good, cute and fun thing but ultimately, I just don't really know what it's trying to do and say with its story. In that regard, the movie feels rather pointless and ultimately it isn't an engaging or interesting enough one with any of its themes or characters. Read more>

Adult World (2013) 

This is a pretty decent, little, independent movie, that perhaps is a bit too light for its own good but it at least makes this movie an enjoyable one to watch. Read more>

Cavemen (2013) 

This is one of the most annoying movies I have seen in a long while. I can handle generic romantic comedies but just not when they are as poorly executed as this one. Read more>

Apocalypse Pompeii (2014) 

Just before the releases of Paul W.S. Anderson's "Pompeii", The Asylum strikes again with their "Apocalypse Pompeii". And yes, it's a pretty bad and silly movie but yet it isn't a completely terrible one as well. Read more>

Zellwood (2013) 

It's an absolute fact that most horror movies that never hit theaters are absolute terrible ones. It's however rare for them to be as truly abysmal as this one though! Read more>


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