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Fields of the Dead (2014)

Sometimes I feel that I shouldn't even be wasting too many words on a particular movie. This is definitely one of those kind of movies. It's a movie that does absolutely nothing new or special but above all things is also one very poorly executed, generic, horror movie. Read more>

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)

Patient zero movies are becoming a bit of a trend, especially after the success of "World War Z". It makes sense for the Cabin Fever series to also receive the 'patient zero' treatment, seeing how it's a series that's dealing with a lethal virus. Even though it's starting to become a bit of a trend lately, it still a fresh and original enough approach to the genre, so you won't hear me complaining (yet). Read more>

Nurse 3-D (2013)

Not really sure why this movie is hated so much. It isn't THAT bad but granted that it isn't a very good movie either. Read more>

The Lego Movie (2014)

This movie mainly raises one question; why haven't there been any Lego movies before? Read more>

Knights of Badassdom (2013)

At first, people were geeking out over this movie. Then I started to hear more and more negative things about this movie and after that...complete silence. The movie sort of disappeared from everybody's radar and it only got a limited release. And while it really isn't a terrible movie I can still definitely understand why nobody was eager to release it. Read more>

Stitch (2014) 

Wouldn't necessarily call this a bad movie but it happens to be a totally strange and weird one, which does make this an highly unpleasant and mostly nonsensical movie to watch. Read more>

BlackJacks (2014) 

So what happens when you mix the Call of Duty video games with the movie "Aliens"? You get "BlackJacks"! But hold your nerdgasm, it's still nothing but a silly B-flick really. An entertaining and enjoyable enough B-flick but a B-flick nonetheless. Read more>


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