This doesn't look or sound like a very good or original movie but it's actually surprisingly good and fun to watch!

I definitely was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I remember back when the first trailer for this movie came out, there still was very little know- and to find out about the movie, which is never a good sign. Perhaps it's true that I simply liked this movie because I had such low expectations for it but truth remains that I never felt bored while watching it and the movie actually is a pretty well made- and good looking one.

It's still a far from great movie though. The first half is a bit too slow and drags on for far too long for instance. Guess that the movie was trying to build an atmosphere and sort of tension and mystery similar to "The Thing". I know it's easy to compare every movie set in the snow, at some sort of remote compound to John Carpenter's "The Thing" but then again, some movies just make it too easy. It doesn't really work out though for this movie since, as I said before, it's too slow and makes the movie drag on for far too long. Maybe the movie would have been able to get away with it, if only it had a more solid and original story.

The story is pretty flimsy actually and besides makes some weird and sudden jumps at times. It constantly changes pace and locations and new, important, characters get introduced when the movie is half way through already. It keeps the movie diverse but at the same time it also just feels a bit too random all.

The premise is pretty silly but typical for a B-movie and it in fact also does work out well for its entertainment. It's basically a movie about Dominic Purcell versus a bunch of unfrozen 'Ivan Drago's'. If that sounds fun and awesome to you, than this movie is right up your alley. It's not an action packed movie but the action featured in it is still pretty good and entertaining to watch.

The movie as a whole is a pretty good one to look at. It's surprisingly well directed for a movie of this sort and the low-budget of it hardly shows.

The acting is pretty decent as well. Dominic Purcell and Adam Beach are both actors who can be either terrible or good in movies, depending on what role they are playing and the type of movie that they are in. But Purcell is a pretty good and likable main action star in this and Beach plays a pretty decent role as well. And hey, Michael Ironside in it too, which is always a great bonus.

Not a great movie but a fun, silly, B-movie nevertheless!


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