Don't really know what I expected from this movie but certainly nothing like this!

Guess I expected something more cute and grounded. But the movie, as it turned out, is nothing but an over-the-top and immature comedy, featuring some obnoxious and unlikeable characters in it.

That's really the biggest problem with this movie; its main character is such an obnoxious one, in a very exaggerated way, that it's hard to care for him or even like him. He- and the movie, therefore really isn't anything all that funny either. And I actually really do like Tyler Labine! He's normally also perfectly capable of playing roles like this but it seems that writer/director Rob Pearlstein was pushing things a bit too far.

Really the problem with the main character- and with this later girlfriend is that they both behave in such an incredible obnoxious way and say and do some of the most rude stuff imaginable, that it's actually hard to believe that any normal person would spend 10 seconds in the same room with them, let alone be friends with them. It's like watching "Identity Thief" all over again. Nothing cute or funny about characters who behave like that but the movie really at some points want you to care and feel for them, when they go through some 'tough' times. Well, you know what, you had it coming buddy!

It's also the type of comedy that relies on fart jokes, every other 15 minutes or so. It should tell you something about the maturity level of this movie and its comedy.

Sounds like I really hated watching this movie but guess what...I still didn't. It's not an entirely unfunny or offensively bad movie. It does have its moments and I also genuinely liked some of the supporting characters. In a way I was far more interested in their stories, rather than the Barry one.

The story and subplots themselves are all very generic- and therefore also very predictable. Seriously, nothing comes as a surprise in this movie and it's definitely one by the numbers. It's kind of annoying but at the same time also pleasant to watch. Sometimes you're just in the mood for some simple comedy entertainment, that isn't doing anything outrageous or surprising story-wise.

It's a bad comedy but at least it isn't a terrible one. Sounds like a backhanded compliment but it comes down to it that this still remains a watchable enough little comedy, despite not being all that great with anything. It's not a great movie but it's still one you can have a good time with, as weird and cryptic as that may sound to you.


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