Watching this movie is a good, cute and fun thing but ultimately, I just don't really know what it's trying to do and say with its story. In that regard, the movie feels rather pointless and ultimately it isn't an engaging or interesting enough one with any of its themes or characters.

The movie has a good style and pace to it and while its premise perhaps may sound stupid and childish to you, it's actually a very mature comedy. This definitely is not one for the teenage crowd but for the slightly older and more experienced person instead. It's dealing with some real life issues, though just not in the most interesting, deepest or engaging kind of way, which is one of the biggest missed opportunities of this movie.

One of the problems of the movie also is that it's very predictable. it's not necessarily predictable in the sense that you know exactly what is going to happen next but it is predictable in the sense that you know how everything eventually is going to get resolved. This movie truly doesn't offer any surprises and there aren't even some interesting twists or developments in the story, which potentially could have helped to keep things more fresh and interesting.

Another problem I had with this movie is that it never quite feels like a summer camp movie. I believe this is due to it that it doesn't show an awful lot of the activities and non of the campers are really any characters within the actual movie. So why let this movie take place at a summer camp in the first place? It really doesn't feel like the movie is ever doing enough with either its settings or characters, which all is another missed opportunity.

Despite all of the problems I had with this movie, I can't call it a terrible one as well though. I was entertained enough by it and I therefore also still see it as a watchable enough one. There is no harm in watching this movie and while watching it you most likely won't feel like you're wasting your time on it. It's only toward the end of the movie and afterward that you realize that none of it really was all that deep or original and ultimately there isn't an awful lot happening in this movie or to any of its characters. Nobody really goes through any interesting or big transformations and it pretty much feels like all of the character are still all of the same ones as the ones they all were at the start of the movie.

So in short, the movie is a good and fun enough one but ultimately also very shallow, predictable, pointless and forgettable. Watchable but not recommendable.


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