This is a pretty decent, little, independent movie, that perhaps is a bit too light for its own good but it at least makes this movie an enjoyable one to watch,

This movie perhaps may sound and look like a terrible sex dramedy to you but the movie is actually about some totally different things. It's not even much of a drama but more a lighthearted comedy instead, still dealing with some serious issues at times.

But since the movie is so light and at times even downward silly with its tone and atmosphere, it's hard to take any of the drama and serious issues very seriously. Some of the more serious themes and intentions of the movie kind of fall flat because of that but I'm not complaining too much, since it definitely helps to make this movie a perfectly watchable and fun one.

In its core it's still a coming of age movie, about finding your place in life, that's teaching you when to keep on pursuing your dreams and when its time to give up on them and settle with what you have and accept your place and who you are and not who you could be. But really, me saying this sounds all far more 'profound' than anything that this movie is ever actually doing and saying with its story.

But like I said, I'm not complaining too much about anything. The movie is simply good to watch, due to its pleasant style and nice performances by the cast.

It's an amazing and weird thing to note how much Emma Roberts sounds and looks like her aunt Julia and not all that much like her father Eric. Not saying that her acting is just as good as aunty Julia's though but she's certainly a talented young actress. Who knows, in a couple of years from now she may turn into a star and make a name of her own. She definitely shows potential!

It's still annoying how some of the things in this movie go absolutely nowhere and how some characters get absolutely wasted. Half of the things that happen in this movie come across as redundant and pointless and the movie as a whole also definitely isn't a must-see by any means, mostly because of this reason.

I nevertheless didn't regret watching this movie. Despite everything I still had a good time with it, though I obviously most definitely wouldn't call it a great movie as well.


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