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This may look and sound like a pretty decent and professional movie to you but it actually really isn't! The movie is absolutely terrible, not just due to the story or its low budget but more due to the fact that it's an inaptly made one. Nothing about this movie works or fits together very well and it's basically one long, painfully bad, amateur project, that never becomes an exciting or engaging movie to watch.

Thing I just don't get about these type of movies is that they feature a bunch of lying, backstabbing, stealing and even murdering characters in it but yet the movie expects us to sympathize with all of these very same characters and it even wants us to root for them. But really, how can you ever do such a thing when the characters laugh and joke about things such shooting an innocent woman in the face, just because she looked funny at one of the characters.

There are absolutely no redeeming qualities about any of the characters. They are gangster, they are thugs, they are low life scum and they do absolutely nothing to change or to become an even remotely better person, at any point in this movie. It seems like the director and writers of this movie secretly want to be gangsters and dream about robbing banks and fleeing from- and shooting at the police, while getting rich fast. Just play one of the GTA games if you want to live that dream but please don't bother us with such a terrible and nonsensical fantasy movie such as this one.

I also still don't really know who was supposed to be the main character in this, which is also due to the fact that all characters are very much alike and I just couldn't tell them apart from each other.

So the characters and actors who portray them are a big problem of this movie but in all fairness, most of the blame should be put on the writing for all of that. Instead of being busy trying to survive and make it out OK, the characters talk and joke about the most trivial stuff, while they are literally being chased by the police. There is never a sense of urgency or danger and it's incredibly annoying how all of the characters behave throughout this movie. It makes this an incredibly unrealistic movie, even more so than usually would be the case for a low-budget, B-action movie of this sort.

It's also a movie with an incredibly cheap look and feel to it. It's still the main reason why this movie feels like an amateur project. Not just the look is cheap but also the sound quality for instance is absolutely terrible. All reasons why I call this an incredibly inapt movie that's neither worth your time or money.

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  1. Just watched this movie and I think you are being too generous with your rating.