No doubt that most people are going to hate on this movie. After all, it's a cheap movie starring Danny Trejo and it's directed by a person who has directed some absolutely terrible movies in the past before. But really, by B-action movie standards, this movie really isn't anything too bad to watch!

To be frank, I simply enjoyed watching it. Of course there is absolutely nothing great about it and is still does plenty wrong as well but it does a fairly good job at bringing some simple entertainment to the screen.

It may be a cheap movie but it at least doesn't have a cheap look and feel to it. It's a pretty well directed movie, especially all of the action sequences. Surprising, since I actually have seen some Nick Lyon movies before, that were anything but impressive. Apparently he was removed from the project after a dispute with the controlling studios and producers, so he wasn't involved with the completion of the movie, which may explain why this movie appears to be a better one than most of the movies he had done in the past.

Of course the story is a very simplistic and straightforward one but that luckily also means that the movie itself is a perfectly 'light' and pleasant one to watch. Despite the fact that the story itself is very simple, the storytelling still does feel a bit messy at parts. But really, as far as these type of movies go, this one really isn't the worst or messiest one that I have ever seen. Not even close to it!

The movie also works out pretty well due to all of its characters. There are both some good 'heroes' and 'villains' in this movie, which always is essential for an action flick in my opinion. Sure, Danny Trejo isn't the most talented and impressive actor around but he at least still has plenty of charisma, even now that he's nearing his 70th birthday. Jonathan Banks also plays a pretty good evil villain in this, accompanied by some good old fashioned, enjoyable, evil criminal henchmen. All characters are extremely exaggerated, as well as some big stereotypes but it's simply the type of approach that works out well for a movie like this.

Not great- but definitely an enjoyable genre movie!


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