So what happens when you mix the Call of Duty video games with the movie "Aliens"? You get "BlackJacks"! But hold your nerdgasm, it's still nothing but a silly B-flick really. An entertaining and enjoyable enough B-flick but a B-flick nonetheless.

But in all honesty, the movie is pretty good for what it is. Of course it's a far from great or even very original one but it at least isn't ever becoming a terribly silly or annoying movie to watch. You can say that in this case it's a good and positive thing that this movie is featuring very little story in it. It's a pretty straightforward movie, that never seems too worried about telling a solid story but is more focused on bringing some simple, action-packed, entertainment instead.

Not that the action or entertainment is ever anything too impressive or original but it at least makes this movie a good and pleasant one to watch. It's still obvious all throughout that this movie was made on a very low-budget. It uses cheap looking sets and locations and all of the costumes and weaponry looks heavily outdated. Thank goodness that the 'creature' itself isn't as fake and cheap looking. The movie besides makes the wise decision to not feature the creature in just about every action scene but it only shows him/her sporadic and mostly only partly.

Can't really say I was very fond of the directing style (bit too flashy and using too many fast cuts) of this movie but at the same time, it helped to keep the pace high, so I'm not complaining too much.

Despite the fact that there is very little story, the little story that still is present in the movie is really very weak all. It really doesn't make much sense, especially the more you start to think about things. Luckily you can choose to completely ignore the story in this movie and still have a good time with it. Really, as far as cheap and bad modern B-movies go, this one really isn't all that terrible, story included.

And Eric Roberts often appears in some of the most terrible movies but I have to admit that I just never see him as a terrible actor as well. His acting usually is pretty solid and one of the few highlights of the movies that he stars in. He's also pretty good in this movie as well, though as usually, he's only playing a very small part in it. All of the other actors...well, most of them are simply doing their jobs. Nothing too impressive but nothing too cringe worthy either...for most part.

A far from great, original, or very impressive movie but at least it's watchable and entertaining enough.


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