This movie mainly raises one question; why haven't there been any Lego movies before?

Sure, I'm aware of the countless of Lego shorts and homemade movies but I'm of course talking about full length, theatrical, releases. It's weird really, Lego always have been extremely popular, so you would think that the fan base would have been large enough for a big theatrical movie, such as this one, for years and years and years now. But anyhow, let's just hope this movie is the first of a strong and long running series of Lego movies. And really, why shouldn't it be?

Everyone who grew up playing with Legos must have made up countless of movies of their own into their minds already. The beauty about this movie is that it feels just like one of those Lego movies that you made up in your own mind, when you were still a young kid. It's just as random and nonsensical but also just as awesome, creative and imaginative as well.

I'm so glad they didn't turned this movie into a very straightforward and formulaic animated movie. It's really a movie with its own rules, set in its own world, that isn't even following a particularly strong main story but works out as great entertainment nevertheless. You can say the movie stayed true to its source material. Playing with Legos is all about having fun, being creative and build whatever comes into your mind. You can have dozens of very different- and unrelated Lego pieces and build it into one beautiful, creative whole, you can have days and days of fun with. And this movie is just like that as well really. It's filled with many great Lego worlds and characters, that all seem very random and unrelated but when all put together, it works out as one great, entertaining and creative whole.

But it's true that the movie is also great because it works on many different levels. There once was a time that it really wasn't all that uncommon for big movies to reference and spoof other big and well known movies. This sort of went away after the introduction of the real full blown comedy spoof and especially after more and more people started to grow tired of this genre, after more and more weak movie spoofs started to emerge. This movie however is again referencing big and well known movies in basically every big and important scene. Reason why it works out so well within this particular movie is because it's very creative with the stuff it's referencing. You may even miss some of the references it's making because not all of it is that obvious or brought to the foreground and most of the time it's actually incorporated very well into the story of the movie.

I also loved how this movie is set at many different Lego worlds. it of course adds to the creativity and variety of the movie but it also was just simply fun to see some familiar worlds get brought to life in this movie.

Animated movies also always tend to have some message for young kids in them. More often than not this is all far too forced, obvious and therefore also annoying but I simply have to say that I really liked the message of this movie. It isn't anything pretentious or a big and heavy life lesson, or anything along those lines but simply a cute, warm and very true message that you should let your creativity run free. It's fine and fun to assemble Legos from the manuals but it's just as fun, if not more, to let your creativity and imagination run loose and try to build whatever comes to your mind and play with the Legos however you want to (as long as you don't put any pieces up your nose).

It usually also doesn't add much whenever animated movies have some big names involved, who provide all of the voices for its characters. But in this case it definitely adds to the 'authenticity' and stature of the movie. I think it's an awesome thing for a movie about Legos and Lego figures to feature the voices of people such as Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Liam Neeson, and many, many more others in it. And besides, the voices truly suit all of the characters as well!

A great fun, beautiful looking, creative movie, that should bring out your inner-child.


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