Not really sure why this movie is hated so much. It isn't THAT bad but granted that it isn't a very good movie either.

But honestly, what did you expect from a movie titled "Nurse 3-D", with a silly premise and half-naked women on the cover- and in most of the advertising for this movie. In that regard, this movie also delivers what it promised; sexified half naked nurses, in a silly movie, that perhaps is trying a bit too hard to be silly and like a bad B-movie from the '80's.

It also most definitely isn't a good movie but that's not because of its silly premise. It's really all due to the approach and execution of it. Horror and comedy can go together very well but unfortunately that's never being the case within this movie.

The movie is too silly to work out as a genuinely good and gruesome horror movie. There is plenty of blood, there are plenty of killings yet i don't think that this movie is going to please any of the horror and gore lovers out there. Because the movie isn't ever taking itself very seriously, everything that happens in it also feels without consequences. There is no tension, no good mystery and whenever someone gets killed or stabbed, it's hard to care for that person and feel involved.

This probably also is due to the fact that this is a very cold feeling movie. Even though the movie mostly plays for laughs and is all about bringing entertainment, it never really feels all that fun or lighthearted enough. It's really because of its main character in my opinion. The movie makes the mistake to follow its main 'villain' around for most part, while the heroine is nothing but a secondary and supporting character in this. The problem with the main character, played by Paz de la Huerta, is that she never comes across as anyone sympathetic and likable enough. It's kind of weird but for the first half of it seems that the movie wants you to like her and get behind her motivations and actions. Her motivations are however weak and her reasoning and actions are all far too extreme to get behind. It really doesn't help much that she's an incredibly cold and vengeful character, played by a very weak actress too.

I was actually shocked by Paz de la Huerta's performance in this movie. She was absolutely terrible and her stiff, one dimensional, acting took most of the fun out of her character and from the overall movie in general. She besides sounded horribly annoying and once you keep looking at her you simply have to say that she isn't even all that pretty to look at. Sounds like a harsh and totally irrelevant thing to say but for this movie and her role in particular it's actually very relevant. The movie wants you to believe that this is a woman that every guy would fall for within seconds and on top of that, all of her tight clothes and nudity of course highly sexualizes the character as well. There isn't much else to the character other than her sexuality, so when the actress who's playing the main character isn't even all that sexy, it does become a bit of a problem.

This movie definitely had the potential to be an enjoyable silly B-flick but the writing, approach and overall execution of all of it is far too lacking to call this movie a successful and effective one. It's not terrible but still a far from good movie really.


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