Wouldn't necessarily call this a bad movie but it happens to be a totally strange and weird one, which does make this an highly unpleasant and mostly nonsensical movie to watch.

This movie has a terrible flow to it and some bad storytelling in it. The first half of the movie is far too slow and the build up is far from anything interesting or effective, due to the simple fact that you'll have absolutely no idea what is going on or what the movie is trying to do and achieve with its story. It's a weird movie, not in an artistic way (though it's trying very hard) but a totally nonsensical kind of way.

Nothing wrong with movies that try to be original and attempt something different but this movie gives you absolutely nothing to latch onto. The story feels all over the place and provides more questions than answers in the long run and none of the characters are developed well enough for you to ever start liking- and care for any of them.

The movie looks like a horror movie and it has the premise of a good psychological thriller but the movie is neither a horror nor a thriller really. It's more of a science-fiction movie actually in my opinion, due to all of its visuals and directions the story is taking.

But that bring me to another, slightly less significant, problem of the movie. An important aspect about science-fiction movies are of course its special effects. This movie however is featuring some absolutely horrible looking effects in it. And I'm not even necessarily talking about the bad and cheap looking CG effects but this movie can't even seem to get some more basic things, such a green-screen effects, right. It's all terribly cheap looking, which only works out as distracting for the movie.

Really can't say much positive about this movie, due to the simple fact that I really didn't like watching it. It isn't entertaining, it isn't thought-provoking (though the movie itself seems to think it is), it isn't interesting, it isn't engaging...There is just absolutely no reason for you to ever watch this movie.


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  1. Dude! Did you even watch this movie? I've seen over 3,000 horror, thriller, sci-fi movies. Caught Stitch at a super-fan horror festival in Texas and thought it was one of the best I've seen in a decade! My friends too. An amazing metaphor for depression and mental illness. Way deeper than most films (horror or not). The story and visuals were original. Best acting from Furlong in years. You either didn't watch it or didn't get it or I don't know what...Either way, you inspired me to start my own film review blog. If this is the state of online critical reviews, Oy! Stay tuned for TexasMarvMovieRevs. Coming soon!