Great concept but a real lacking execution. That pretty much sums up this movie, that isn't a terrible one to watch, but never a particularly interesting or effective one neither.

An Uber driver that is a serial killer as well. Makes perfect sense to me. It is never a problem to get people in your car and drive off to a remote location to kill them off. A perfect M.O. and a great sounding concept for a movie. But well, that is all it is really; a great sounding concept. The movie fails to ever make things tense, surprising or engaging enough to watch. making this an overall pretty shallow and forgettable viewing experience.

First of all, the main character just doesn't work out too well for the movie. It is one of those movies that follows its killer around and makes him the main character, which can work out as great and effective at times, but just not for this movie. It never succeeds in making its main character an interesting enough one. You really don't get to know anything about the main character. You don't know who he is, you don't know why he kills. You really don't know what makes him tick, so to speak. Besides, he never shows any emotions or goes through any interesting enough transitions. It just isn't a very well developed character, that besides lacks all of the right charisma and character trades to make him an interesting enough one to have to follow around. It doesn't help much that the acting in the movie isn't the most impressive to watch, though the script should be blamed for that as well.

The fact that the movie simply just follows its main character around also ensures that nothing else ever really develops. There isn't even a real story and it just feels like a random bunch of events that don't even really connect to each other. The movie besides starts to repeat itself pretty early on already. I mean, the driver picks up a person, drives him/her to a location and then kills that person. How many times do we need to see that to know that the main character is a bad person? There isn't enough variety in the movie and it does far too little to ever change things around or spice things up a little bit more.

It even isn't a very good as a thriller/slasher. It does a poor job building up the tension and the killings aren't all that creative or fun to watch neither. Pretty standard stuff all, that isn't going to excite any gore/slasher lovers. It however is mostly the lack of any good build up that makes this movie a mostly uninteresting one, deprived of any good suspense. The lack of variety further more ads to it that the movie just never becomes the most interesting or surprising one neither.

I still wouldn't call the movie boring as well though. All things considering, it still remains a pretty well made and good looking movie. The script and build up are lacking, but the movie still has a very professional look and feel to it, that helps to make the movie a 'pleasant' one to look at. I wasn't never bored or angered by this movie, even while I most definitely wasn't ever fully entertained by it either. It remains a watchable- and its core also still an original enough, little movie to watch, that isn't going to make a big impression on you though.


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