Just a bunch of base jumpers trying to fund their expensive hobby by making this movie. That is how this movie comes across to me. It is not even really a movie, since there is no true story, no solid emotions and no good characters.

It is a 'cheap' and fairly simple attempt at making a movie. It uses the 'found footage' approach and angle, which means that nothing got shot with the help of any professional camera's or had a big crew involved with it. Guess that using this approach makes sense for a movie centered around base jumpers, but having a bunch of base jumpers walking- and flying around with some cameras attached to them does not make for a good or very interesting movie as well.

Actually the most surprising thing about this movie remains the fact how terribly uneventful it is. Basejumping seems spectacular and daring, but yet it never comes across like that in this movie. It never gets your adrenaline pumping, which is due to its lack of buildup and use of camera's. Some more wide-shots were really needed at times to put things in perspective. It just isn't all that fun or thrilling to see any of the actors flying around and yelling, with a bunch of empty sky and often rocks around them. Needless to see that the movie also becomes pretty repetitive to watch after a while. There really isn't all that much variety in it and it still is luckily that the movie is only about 80 minutes short.

Things also never get made interesting by its story or any of its characters. It really doesn't have a clear beginning, middle and end to it. Of maybe rather said; it lacks a clear point. I also really don't know what this movie was going for. Was it simply trying to be fun and spectacular? Or was it trying to be something more serious and profound as well. That would explain the tedious philosophical approach and lines of dialog to the movie, while there is absolutely nothing profound about anything that happens on the screen. It fails to suck you in with its story and to give you an interesting enough look into the live- and dangers of the average base jumper.

All of the 'actors' in this movie are clearly first and foremost professional base jumpers, which means that there acting is below par, to put it mildly. It doesn't help much that the movie features a whole bunch of weird sounding accents in it. Something about too many different accents in a movie that makes it terribly unappealing. You also really don't get to know much about any of them, which doesn't help to make you understand them or ever feel for any of them. It also doesn't make you 'feel' and understand the world that they live in. I am sure that being a base jumper is a very thrilling and dangerous lifestyle, but I got none of that by watching this movie.

Never interesting or entertaining enough. Clearly not a very recommendable movie to watch.


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