Coming up with a good idea is one thing, but turning it into a good movie is a totally different story, as this movie clearly demonstrates.

This sounds like a movie with a good- and fun enough premise, about a caveman inventing the concept of using stairs. Sounds greatly original and entertaining for a movie and indeed it is, but when the movie doesn't give you much else, things just aren't as good and entertaining as you would expect it to turn out as.

This also most definitely is more an amateur movie than just another low-budget one really. It isn't the most professional looking movie, which can be quite distracting at times. It is especially annoying how the caveman- and woman look, behave and sound (like I would know how cave-people would sound like) like cave-people. It probably was intentional, since after all; this is a comedy, but the whole 'world' and 'rules' of the movie just didn't do it for me. It was far too distracting how clean and toned all of the actors in this movie looked and how all of them behaved like they were walking around in a 21th century setting.

It is not a terribly uninteresting or unappealing movie to watch, but it at the same time remains disappointing how little good this movie came up with. The story never takes things into an unexpected or too great direction. The comedy and dialog is especially weak and disappointing at parts. It also too often ensures that the movie drags and gets filled with some pointless story developments that in the end don't really add anything.

The movie also doesn't have the best acting in it. Some of the characters are amusing, but most of them are just weak and uninteresting. This unfortunately also goes for the main character of the movie, who isn't really charismatic and 'strong' enough to carry this movie.

But like I said; it still never becomes a too terrible movie to watch. It is some very simple but harmless fun. I can still see how some people would enjoy this movie, though I am also convinced that by far most people are going to dislike watching it. The story, comedy and dialog, among other things, is far too lacking to ever make this s genuinely good and successful genre attempt. Still willing to give it plenty of credit as well, seeing how this basically is nothing but an amateur production, made by 'non-professionals' and without much money.


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