This movie is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand it is a pretty decent attempt, considering its budget and limited resources, but on the other it still makes some poor choices and never fully succeeds at becoming anything too original or interesting.

Best way to describe this movie would be by calling it an odd "The Matrix", "Blade Runner" and "The Hunger Games" hybrid. Maybe sounds awesome to some, but by saying this I mean to say that it really isn't the most creative or original movie around. It 'borrows' heavily from other science-fiction movies, without ever doing anything truly original of its own with it. And maybe all of that still would have been fine, as long as the movie would have been an engaging and entertaining one of its own. That however isn't entirely the case for this movie though.

It actually starts off fairly well and interesting enough with its story and visuals, but once it becomes apparent who its main characters are and what its main story is all about, the movie starts to downhill. It is a movie with a bigger than life story in it, about an apocalypse, yet the movie its story feels very 'small', by only focusing on an handful of character and by never really showing any destruction or despair. Everyhing that happens in this movie feels without any real consequences. It is therefore also never the most tense or engaging one to watch.

I was especially disappointed with its main characters. They aren't the most interesting or best developed one and they also aren't exactly played by the world's most talented actors. I would have been fine with it if the movie focused a bit more on the John Cusack character, who basically is the main villain of the movie, but hardly gets to do anything. At least his character seemed interesting, with a plan and clear motivations. None of which can be said about its main characters and 'heroes'.

The movie never succeeds at it to make its story remotely interesting and engaging. It is all a bit too straightforward and simplistic, without ever offering you any surprises.

It still remains a pretty decent looking movie. It is true that there is a disappointing amount of action in it, but it in a lot of ways is simply more of a science-fiction- than an action movie, which is fine really. Visually this movie has plenty to offer. The special effects really aren't anything too bad, at least not by low-budget movie standards. There are some questionable shots, but it never goes full CGI on you, which is a good thing in my book.

I never hated watching this movie, which probably is the most positive thing that I can say about it. It isn't particularly entertaining, spectacular or engaging to watch, but it is really far from the worst thing you will ever see.


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