Now, who doesn't love a good Christmas slasher? Something about the holiday's that make people hungry for blood, I guess.

But seriously, holiday slashers often work out well conceptional because they often take an 'innocent' subject, that everybody has fond memories off from their childhood, and turns it into something shocking and bloody. It is very contrasting and conflicting, which makes things interesting. Thing that is also true about holiday slashers though is that rarely any of them are truly that great to watch, this one including.

Can't even really say this is much of a holiday slasher. It is disappointing how it barely uses any Christmas themes and elements in it. Certainly no Christmas like look or feeling to this movie and it just seems like a gimmick to let things appear more interesting and original than they in fact truly are.

As a matter of fact, I can't even say that this is much of a slasher even. I at times genuinely forget that I was watching a slasher her, since it is constantly focusing on some personal drama and character development as well, which is fine and gives the movie plenty of depth, but it at the same time really distracts from its horror and ensures that the more serious and the more slasher- and horror like elements of the movie never gel.

You also have to remember though that this is an English production, which means that it is never as fast paced or slick looking as an American/Hollywood production. Once you are OK with this, the movie does become a quite good and original one enough to watch, though it is still certainly lacking in the horror department.

The movie also shows that using violence and gore in your movie isn't as easy as it might seem. The movie tries to shock with its gore, but it is all quite fake and bad looking. Again, it works out as too distracting from the movie and it certainly doesn't enhances its horror. It actually has a pretty decent main villain and concept in it, but it is too bad that it doesn't really how to use it. Seems to me that the film-makers are better at doing drama than horror. It is also as if the movie was too afraid to take its horror elements too seriously. It is therefore more a silly movie than a shocking or scary one, when it comes down to all of its horror.

The acting also isn't anything too great, but the drama and approach of the movie still ensures that the characters work out well enough and the movie remains an interesting enough one to watch, all throughout. The approach also definitely ensures that it is original enough one, though I doubt that too many horror lovers are going to end up liking this movie.

Watchable enough, as long as you don't expect a typical and gory slasher flick.


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