This has a lot of the marking of a great movie, but yet it is nothing more but 'just' a good one. A shame, since it really still does a lot of things right and so easily could have been an absolutely great one, instead of the forgettable and eventual disappointing movie that it is.

It actually is a very original movie, in a lot of ways. An original and intriguing story, some surprising main characters and angles. Still the movie fails to make much of an impact with its story, since it too often lacks a clear direction and never has the guts to take things far enough. It isn't a very gutsy movie, while it had plenty of opportunities to turn into one. It however decides to remain as tame and simplistic as possible with its story, which is fine, but also definitely goes at the expense of the movie its overall quality. It prevents the movie from ever becoming truly tense, surprising and engaging.

The movie still starts off really solid and interesting. It however soon start to become apparent that the movie just doesn't really know what to do with its story, and worse, how to end things. It is all some pretty decent and engaging build up, without a very satisfying payoff. Pointless isn't the right word, but it definitely is a very fruitless movie. It remains on the right track for a very long time, but then suddenly decides to take some turns that aren't heading into the most interesting or effective of directions.

Yet all of this doesn't make this movie a terrible one to watch. It just makes it a disappointing one, since it showed so much more potential. Good news though that it still remains a perfectly watchable movie. Like I said, it still picks an interesting and original enough story, that maybe isn't always going into the most interesting direction with things, but it still makes the movie an intriguing enough one. It besides get made believable by its fine cast, who really brings the movie to live and helps to elevate it.

With Ansel Elgort, Chloƫ Grace Moretz, Catherine Keener and David Strathairn it has a quite big and impressive cast of fine actors. It is a real actors movie, in the sense that most of the tension and emotions come from the acting, rather than the actual writing. It is also definitely the acting and not necessarily the writing that makes this movie such a perfectly fine one to watch, with some solid enough characters in it.

A movie that lacks some clear direction at times and a solid enough point by the end of it, but it overall still remains a decent enough drama/thriller, with some interesting and original enough angles to it.


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