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Gojira (1984)

Guess who woke up again after a 9-year sleep? Everybody's favorite over-sized lizard is back again to cause havoc in the 'modern world'. Is it a welcome return? Well, sure it's of course good to see him back again in movies, after a 9-year absence but it's hardly the best movie that he has ever starred in. Read more>

The Challenger (2013) (TV)

As far as these 'based on true events' type of TV movies go, this one definitely is a pretty good one to watch, which is mainly thanks to its wonderful cast! Read more>

Walk of Shame (2014)

Most modern comedies are extremely similar to each other and not all that memorable of tunny to watch. This movie is no exception but by saying that I'm not calling it a bad one as well. Read more>

Gojira vs. Biorante (1989)

Lets see; throughout the decades Gojira fought against dinosaurs, a bunch of giant spiders, a crab, King Kong himself, a giant moth, space monsters and giant robots, just to name a few things. So what could be next? Well, a giant rosebush of course! Read more>

Honour (2014)

This maybe isn't the powerful or thought provoking movie that it tries to be but it still is a pretty decent, low-budget, British drama-thriller about a controversial subject; 'honour' killings. Read more>

Gojira vs. Kingu GidorĂ¢ (1991)

Science-fiction and fantasy of course always have been a big part of the Gojira franchise. Aliens, weather control machines, robots, it all had previously appeared in one or more of the Gojira movies. There even had been some Gojira movies that were set in the future, so it makes sense for a time travel plot line to 'finally' get introduced into a Gojira movie as well. Read more>

Gojira vs. Mosura (1992)

Guess who's back? Well, Gojira of course but guess who he took along with him this time; Mothra! Read more>

In the Blood (2014)

People who haven't seen this movie yet are probably wondering why it isn't liked more. After all, it has all the markings of a great and fun action movie, reminiscent of genre movies from the '80's. But being a movie in the vein of action flicks from the '80's is one thing but being a truly good and effective one is a whole different thing. Read more>

Gojira VS Mekagojira (1993)

It's good to see how the Gojira series throughout the decades continued to evolve and kept on trying out new things, without ever really deteriorating. The Gojira movies from the '90's are quite different from the ones from the '60's and '70's but are they also worse and less entertaining to watch? Not in my opinion! Read more>

Gojira VS Supesugojira (1994)

Some great kaijus in an otherwise weak and forgettable movie, that's perhaps the best way to sum this movie up! Read more>


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