Science-fiction and fantasy of course always have been a big part of the Gojira franchise. Aliens, weather control machines, robots, it all had previously appeared in one or more of the Gojira movies. There even had been some Gojira movies that were set in the future, so it makes sense for a time travel plot line to 'finally' get introduced into a Gojira movie as well.

Not that it makes the movie a very special or good one though. As a matter of fact, I'm quite surprised this movie isn't hated more. It actually is a fairly well liked Gojira entry but it in my opinion is a very lacking and odd one, that's different from most of the other Gojira sequels.

Unfortuntaly yet again the story is a very lacking and nonsensical one. It feels totally random. The one moment they are back in 1944, the next they are aboard and spaceship and a terminator is running around, while Gojira is fighting King Ghidorah. Once you truly pay attention to things, the story still makes sense enough I guess but my point is that there are a few too many different fantasy and science-fiction elements in this movie, that also don't go together very well in my opinion. There is too much going on in this movie at once, without ever properly focusing well enough on one good thing.

And other than its crazy story, this movie really doesn't have an awful lot to offer. Seriously, normally these movies are still good and fun enough ones to watch because of its action, destruction and kaiju fights but all of that feels totally secondary to the movie. Not that the movie is a complete and total bore but it just features a whole bunch of less interesting and fun stuff in it, when compared to most of the other Gojira movies.

Sure, there still is King Ghidorah and he's arguable the best and most powerful adversary to Gojira but just his presence wasn't enough for me. I wanted more but the movie made very little effort to do anything interesting with his character. Well, actually they tried but it only made his character a weaker one in my opinion.

And the same goes for Gojira really. As a matter of fact, the Gojira in this movie is different from all of the other previous Gojira movies. Literally! It's a totally different character this time around, while he still has the same look and roar though. So it really doesn't matter all that much but call me crazy, I just don't like the fact that we got a different Gojira in this movie. Supposedly he's bigger than the 'old' character but they pretty much look the same to me and he has the exact same powers as well. So what's the point? Why couldn't they just give us the 'old' Gojira back again?

It really is a very silly and bad movie but oh well, it's still a Gojira movie. It's no way near as good or fun as most of the other Gojira sequels but it's still a watchable movie, that also does still provide some entertainment for the lovers of the series.


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