Most modern comedies are extremely similar to each other and not all that memorable of tunny to watch. This movie is no exception but by saying that I'm not calling it a bad one as well.

Best way to describe this movie is that it's not a terribly funny one but it's not a terribly unfunny one either. The story is a tad bit of a too simplistic and formulaic one to consider this movie to be a great and very original one but at the same time, the story still provides the movie with plenty of entertainment.

It features a very typical comedy story in it, in which a character has go get from point A to B, within a certain amount of time, while running into all sorts of crazy situations and loony characters. It's not a terribly original concept and not a very well executed one neither. I mean, it's pretty unconvincing and ludicrous to think that someone can get lost in a modern big city nowadays, without getting any help or having a way of contacting a person that you know, in this modern day and age. Yet that's exactly what happens in this movie. Rather than just walking into a place with a phone or computer, or simply find a 'normal' person to help her out, our main character gets herself mixed up with crack dealers, immigrant cab drivers, drifters and other people along those lines. It's ridicules all but at the same it of course also provides the movie with most of its entertainment and comedy moments.

And really, it's a pretty amusing movie to watch, when you have nothing better to do or watch. You most likely won't be bored or feel annoyed by anything this movie does. It will make you laugh. Granted, not very hard but it will make you laugh nevertheless and it won't feel like you are wasting your time with this movie.

I also liked Elizabeth Banks in her role and she pretty much carries the entire movie by herself. We begin to see more and more comedies starring females in the lead roles and while not all of them are all that funny in my opinion, Elizabeth Banks luckily is pretty funny and amusing to watch in this movie.

It really is a pretty OK movie to watch, if you are in the mood for something light and amusing.


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