Some great kaijus in an otherwise weak and forgettable movie, that's perhaps the best way to sum this movie up!

Don't really understand why they gave this movie to the inexperienced director Kensho Yamashita. He obviously was struggling with the material and the movie often either felt too silly, too messy or too boring. Granted that all of the Gojira sequels are quite silly- and messy ones to watch but at least most of them remains perfectly watchable, due to the fact that they are pleasant to watch and follow, even if the story isn't making a whole lot of sense. Not this movie though. Biggest problem with it really is that it's lacking a good pace in it and the movie mostly feels like a boring and overlong one.

It's also funny how every Gojira movie that isn't set in a big city also always is a lesser and more disappointing movie to watch. This can't be a coincidence of course. Gojira needs big cities to stomp around in and large buildings to destroy. Now, all of that still is in this movie but only toward the end of it. The movie for most part is set on a small and remote island, which just isn't as fun or exciting to watch all.

This movie also really feels like just more of the same. All Gojira movies are alike of course but you can't say that they aren't creative movies to watch as well. This movie is hardly ever doing anything new though, especially when compared to the previous sequel "Gojira VS Mekagojira".

Not that this movie is a direct sequel to "Gojira VS Mekagojira" though. In lots of ways it's actually more of a sequel to the movie before that, "Gojira vs. Mosura", in which Mohtra flew off into space, to prevent a meteor from hitting the Earth. Again, chronologically the whole series really is a jumbled mess but then again, it really doesn't matter too much, seeing how you can always enjoy and watch each series entry individually.

It's important to say that this movie also absolutely isn't a terrible one but when compared to all of the other sequels, it's definitely one of the lesser entries.

One of the things I still absolutely hated about this movie was the music. Most of the the time the music doesn't match what's happening on the screen. It's as if the movie got composed and recorded way before the movie even finished shooting. It really took me out of the movie at times and besides was absolutely horrible to listen to.

But sure, there are some good things about this movie as well. Space Godzilla definitely is an awesome looking new kaiju, with some great powers as well. It's also admirable how the movie attempts to insert some more drama into the story and its characters, even though most of it really doesn't work out too well for the movie.

Not the most pleasant, original or entertaining Gojira movie to watch but it's at least still a watchable one for the fans of the series.


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