Guess who's back? Well, Gojira of course but guess who he took along with him this time; Mothra!

Out of all of the kaijus who have appeared in the Gojira movies throughout the years, Mothra is the one with one of the best and most distinctive personalities in my opinion. She isn't just a monster who mindlessly fights and destructs buildings but she's actually a character who always fights for what's right and occasionally to help out the humans and to yet again save them from destruction. This movie is no different and it's really great to see her in a Gojira movie again, after an absence of 2 decades.

But what's better than having one Mothra? Well, two Mothras of course! In this movie Mothra's 'evil twin' Battra appears, who basically has the same powers but only a more evil look. It's definitely good and fun to watch all, even if it goes at the expense of Gojira's presence and screen time.

It really seems like Gojira's character gets reduced to being a secondary character in this movie at times. In my opinion he's definitely not the main kaiju of this movie but in this particularly case, I had no real problems with that. It's because of the simple reason that the movie gives plenty in return. So there's Mothra and her 'evil twin' who provide the movie with plenty of entertainment and spectacular moments but also the main story itself is a pretty decent and amusing one.

Plot-lines within all of the Gojira movies tend to feel extremely messy and random and they often distract too much from the movie its entertainment and action. I have to say that I didn't had any of those problems with this movie though. Even though the story is as silly as always, it's at least silly in an entertaining way, as opposed to being silly in a bad and cringe-worthy way, as had been the case with some of the previous sequels. It's actually hard to say why really but I simply enjoyed the story of this movie. Guess it's also because the movie is a very fast paced one, while it actually still is a pretty long movie, by normal Gojira movie standards. There also really isn't an awful lot of kaiju action within the first half of the movie and it also for instance takes a long, long time for Gojira to make his first appearance in it but yet the movie never bores or feels like it's dragging with anything.

But as always; the best and most spectacular moments come during the movie its finale. The action doesn't disappoint and the effects are pretty decent too. Still, it really bothered me how the Mothra larva from the '60's and '70's was a far better and more convincing looking one than the one featured in this more 'modern' and advanced movie.

It seems like I'm a minority on this but I quite liked this modern Gojira entry.


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