This is a made for TV movie and I'll try to judge it as such, since by normal movie standards this really isn't a good movie at all.

But oh well, it never becomes a terrible one as well. It's a movie that simply tells its story and serves its purpose, without ever becoming anything special to watch. The movie also truly isn't ever trying to be anything special or standout with anything. It's an incredibly formulaic looking and formulaically told movie that doesn't bores but also doesn't exactly ever turns into anything exciting or engaging either.

It's a story about the hunt for a serial killer, that besides attempts to give us a look into the life and mind of a deranged serial killer. By all means, this should be an interesting and suspenseful movie but it actually is a shockingly flat movie, that's devoid of any sort of emotions or other engaging drama. The movie is cold like a serial killer but however not in a good way.

One of the big problems with the movie is that it really doesn't provide any insightful information regarding anything. It promises you a look into a serial killer's mind (after all, he's the main character of the movie) but it really doesn't do so. I still don't know what went on inside of his head and what drove him to killing young and innocent women. The movie does try to give some explanations but it's all far too feeble and flimsy. By this movie its logic, there should be millions and millions of serial killers roaming about. The movie never becomes an interesting character study, while all of the potential- and right ingredients for it were there. Things just happen, without explaining- or setting things up properly first. Like I said, it's an incredibly flat movie, in just about every regard. As a matter of fact, some things work out as stupid and implausible, even despite the fact that the movie is based on true events.

The main character doesn't ever goes through any significant or interesting transformations, which is all part of the reason why this movie is flat and therefore never anything interesting either. The main character pretty much remains the same person all throughout, even after he kills his first person and continues to kill more and more. Really can't blame David Arquette for any of it. He's doing a capable job with the material given to him. It isn't his fault that the story is weak and the directing bland. I know director Rick Bota best for directing some of the weaker Hellraiser sequels. That was over 10 years ago. Can't say his career or talent have progressed and developed much over the years.

It's also weird how a movie about a serial killer isn't ever showing any of the killings. You would think this would be an important aspect of the movie but only one, of the many killings, gets shown in this movie. Probably has something to do with the fact that this is a TV movie and can't have too much violence in it but really, why pick a gruesome and violent subject in the first place if you can't show any of the gruesome and shocking violence? It just feels weird how nothing ever is shown and the killings and violence therefore also hardly makes any impact in the movie.

Watching a documentary or TV special about the real Keith Jesperson probably is far more interesting and insightful than this movie. It isn't a terrible movie but it's never doing anything to impress, surprise and grab you with. it's simply just telling its story, without any emotions or depth to it, which is making this a very bland and forgettable viewing experience.


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  1. Very good review. I thought the same when watching the movie: it's boring and nothing special happens at any time.

  2. Is English your first language? Your grammar is woeful and painfully inadequate for writing reviews then having them on public display. However, if English is native to you, then I guess it's understandable.