Over the years, I have seen my fair share of low-budget horror movies and while most of them are absolutely terrible, some of them are perfectly watchable as well and perhaps even better than most of the modern, high budget, genre movies out there. And yes, I believe that this movie is definitely better than just the average horror movie as well!

Of course it's a far from great movie but all things considering, it's a pretty decent and effective enough little genre movie. First of all; the premise really doesn't let this movie sound like anything too original but yet the movie manages to feel less formulaic and predictable than usual would be the case for a movie of this sort.

Thing that's good about it is that the movie uses a very simple and straightforward story but yet it never starts to repeat itself or bores with anything, even though though most of the movie takes place at one location. It isn't anything too spectacular or thrilling either but at the same time the movie also never turns into a ridicules or terrible one either. I think this is because of the same fact that the story is kept simple.

The one thing I still thought was pretty bad about this movie was its dialog. Now, this type of movies never feature any dialog in them to flesh out the characters or to give the story some more depth but it's only there to stretch out the scenes for as long as possible, so the movie won't be under 30 minutes short. It's all some terrible and highly annoying dialog, that most of the time adds absolutely nothing to the movie or to what's happening on the screen at the moment but it's all still nothing that made me hate the movie, so I'm not complaining too much about it.

The movie basically is a slasher but not one with an awful lot of kills or blood in it. It doesn't matter too much for this movie though, since it still offers plenty of other good horror elements, such as an effective atmosphere and a pretty good and fun killer. It's so silly and nonsensical that it actually works out as something good and fun!

It nevertheless still remains a movie that feels like a real amateur one at times, not just with its dialog and story but also definitely with the acting and directing at times. But really, it's obvious that most of this is all due to the fact that the movie didn't had an awful lot of money to spend and probably had to be shot in a couple of days. But again, when compared to most other similar type of movies, this one definitely is way better and more enjoyable than most of them.

Nothing too great or recommendable but it's a watchable enough movie nevertheless.


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  1. I felt the same way. Bumped into the film on line, watched it with my lady, who was scared beyond belief. It kept my attention, but she said because she could really see the creature "fully", it made her mind run wild - plus she hates going to out storage building alone anyway. I liked the way it was shot, along with the atmosphere of the girl liked the story line of the guy who girl died...she would - smirk,

    After we watched it, we looked at the budget also and said for what they had, and what BIG STUDIOS do, it wasn't all that bad...told some friends to grab a few drinks and check it out :) ..."Smokey & Bear"

  2. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...ok

  3. I completely agree with the review -big studios make crap all the time, and to do something like this good.. no money, small, and creative. The acting and dialogue did not bother me..thought it was realistic.
    -- CUP Cake & CHeesecakes --

  4. I agree, very good for the budget...could have been better. Definitely NOT as bad as alot of BIG BUDGET studio crap with BIG NAME actors. With no cash, no name actors and director it was entertaining...
    JAKE The Snake

  5. Not horrible...not super good...entertaining...ok

  6. Its was bad regardless of the cash...