(Review originally written at 13 April 2009)

It's easy to see that this movie is a failure but it's hard to point out what it is that makes this movie a bad one. The movie is just too sloppy and not involving enough to say anything useful about it.

The movie has a formulaic and predictable story but on top of that also picks a just totally bad approach of things. The story isn't really going anywhere and it basically picks all of the least interesting angels imaginable. The story never becomes emotional or in any way engaging. You won't care for any of the characters and you also overall just don't really care for anything else that's happening within this movie. A failure as a drama and as a romantic movie.

It's incredible how this movie is written. It's as if they were thinking lets make an original movie with unoriginal ingredients. This of course doesn't work and causes the movie its story to be such a distant- and far from interesting one. You can say that the movie its problems start with its main source material already.

I must say that Gwyneth Paltrow still gave her best efforts but it seems like a waste of energy to me. Most of the other actors don't seem at place within the genre. Its true that they aren't being helped though by the most realistic writing or best kind of dialog. Couldn't they just have said no this this movie?

Just not really a movie worth watching, although also being far from the worst the genre has to offer.


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