(Review originally written at 17 April 2009)

Nazi-zombies sound like a perfect combination to me to bring an entertaining horror flick with. There are actually quite a few movies that feature this combination, however for some reason none of those movies really work out, mostly due to its often poor production values and execution.

The concept of having a small group of Nazi-zombie left overs from WW II, inhabiting a small island, decades after the war has already ended, sounds like plenty of enough good material to create an entertaining horror-flick with. Besides, the movie stars two big horror legends; Peter Cushing and John Carradine. It makes it all the more disappointing that the actual movie offers so very little.

It takes quite a long while for the movie to grab some pace. There is often too little happening in the movie. It isn't until far into the movie that the first horror finally starts to kick in.

The movie is obviously low budget, which not only means that its production values are poor but also its acting performances are painfully bad to watch at times. The movie is really cheaply put together, with some bad editing, that prevents the movie from ever flowing well and a real lack of tension. As a genre movie this one simply doesn't have enough to offer, not even for its most die hard fans.

The only excitement and interesting aspects the movie has to offer are its moments of having the zombies submerging from the water and walking underwater. It has some good looking moments in it but overall it's of course not all quite enough to make the movie any more exciting or interesting to watch.

It's of course still nice that the movie has Peter Cushing (who looked a bit like a walking corpse himself in this movie) in it and it. No matter how bad a movie ever was, Cushing always managed to give away a fine performance. It was also nice to see John Carradine in this but his role is really too small to leave any impression.

It's a bit of a pointless movie to watch and above all things a real waste of a fine concept.


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