(Review originally written at 12 April 2009)

Although I certainly don't consider this movie to be Laurel & Hardy's best, it still is of course a very amusing short, that features plenty of good slapstick moments.

The movie is a bit dragging at times with its gags but overall the movie has plenty of moments in that will surely make you laugh. Especially the ending is purely classic. The slapstick comedy is very typically Laurel & Hardy like, so fans of the two will surely enjoy watching this comedy short.

Like often was the case with Laurel & Hardy, the movie can be divided into two parts. The first halve is about the comedy duo playing in a municipal band, while the second halve is about the two coping with the fact that they are fired from the band by trying to earn some money on the street by playing. Both parts have their up- and downsides but overall the upsides overcome its lesser parts.

The movie got directed by Edgar Kennedy, who also directed the other Laurel & Hardy silent short "From Soup To Nuts". Kennedy is still best known though as an actor playing in several Laurel & Hardy movies, most often as the cop Kennedy.

Amusing, especially for the fans.


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