You have all sorts of comedies, but this one goofy elements and characters with violence and sex isn't really among the most fun or funny ones.

It is a weird blend of many different elements. I can definitely see and understand what this movie was trying to do; it was trying to be an edgy comedy, perhaps in the vein of "Get Shorty" and "True Romance", but in its process it actually forgot about its story. Being goofy and edgy isn't enough if your story just isn't all that interesting or convincing.

It also is trying a bit too hard to be daring and edgy, with its exaggerated violence, characters and dialog. It feels forced, rather than natural and there most definitely never is a good balance between its heartfelt- and realistic and crazy- and exaggerated moments. A real mess of a movie, that is made all the more worse by its confusing writing and lacking forces.

It truly feels all over the place with its story. It is filled with countless side-plots and tons of characters, which all however too often lack a real purpose. It often also remains unclear what direction the movie is taking things at, which in this case isn't a positive thing. It lacks a clear goal and purpose with its story, which also is due to the fact that the story lacks a solid and likable enough main character.

Just like the rest of the movie, they tried a bit too hard to turn the main character into an edgy one. She is supposed to be a 15-year old 'smartass', who of course lacks absolutely nothing like a 15-year old and most definitely does not behave like one either, though the latter of course is intentional. She just isn't all that likable. The movie gives you very little reason to empathize and sympathize with her throughout the story. Not really Joey King her fault, but I blame the writing instead.

It actually is never a totally terrible movie to watch, but I just never had any fun with it. It overall also feels like a far too pointless movie, that lacks focus as well. It is never a very funny movie either, despite the movie its hard efforts. It is good looking, fast paced, but it yet fails to deliver as a decent enough comedy.


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