The horror version of "The Breakfast Club"? Sure sounds like it and it also seems like this movie was really trying hard to be just that. Trying, since its not like this movie is very successful at anything.

This movie definitely is too silly for its own good. It is an incredibly unsuccessful combination of comedy and slasher aspects. It first and foremost remains a comedy, which humor constantly gets in the way of its horror. Its horror is never given any room to ever develop into anything remotely effective. Needless to say that the movie is never scary, tense or somewhat mysterious to watch. All of its horror elements truly fall flat, which wouldn't have been such a big problem if the movie itself wasn't putting so much emphasis on the movie its horror, during its second half.

The movie actually starts off as a very typical teen comedy, that is never great or very funny to watch, but at least it had a clear style to it. This all changes once its horror kicks in, or rather said tries to kick in. It is as if the movie never knows when to make the switch between comedy and horror and allow its horror elements to truly kick in. The movie constantly keeps you waiting for things to develop. Waiting, for something that never comes. It is all very weird, since the movie clearly wants to be a slasher. It never drops its comedy, but story-wise it has all the markings of a typical slasher movie.

Really, if only the movie would have held back just a little with its comedy...It now instead feels as if the movie is afraid to become a too serious movie with anything, but this really prevents the movie from ever turning into anything good and engaging to watch. It is not like the characters are very likable as well. The movie focuses on a whole bunch of different characters, rather than having a solid- and clear main lead in it. No real 'hero' so to speak. Just a bunch of individuals we know nothing- and get to know nothing about.

Despite the fact that the movie is never a too successful one as a slasher, it still remains something that gets in the way of its comedy as well. Its violence and horror aspects never go along with its comedic aspects. While the humor of the movie often is too goofy, the horror is too often far too serious and straightforward. Again, it really doesn't go together very well. It really as if two totally unrelated movies got slapped together. The comedy never enhances the horror and the horror never enhances the movie its comedy. But what obviously is far worse is the lack of consistency and the fact that things never blend in well with each other.

It is not like it is the worst made movie, but the story and especially the lack of successful horror aspects and a terrible blend with its comedy, still make this an absolutely terrible movie to watch.


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