Ah yes, I have seen the first "Dead in Tombstone" and I apparently quite liked it, but I am not going to pretend like I remember much about it. Same goes for this movie. It is all good and fun to watch, but I doubt I am going to remember much about it in a few months from now.

It is basically a B-movie done right. It never pretends- or tries to be more than it is and it puts its emphasis on its entertaining aspects. It is following a story, but does it really matter? It is a very simplistic and straightforward story, which only purpose is to provide the movie with a ton of gun-slinging action and some crazy zombie action.

To be fair, the movie isn't as zombie and horror filled as I expected it would. If I remember correctly, this actually was the biggest selling point of the first Dead in Tombstone" movie, but this one however is more an action western, that is definitely more about its action.

I won't say Roel Reiné is a great director who makes great movies, but he certainly is one who knows how to handle action. Lets just say he is a 'light' version of Michael Bay, of low-budget movies. The action is absolutely delightful to watch and luckily there is plenty of it in this movie. It is well shot, well planned out and besides pretty loud. Most low-budget production don't bother too much with sound, but it really is something that could elevate an action sequence and make it all the more thrilling and exciting to watch, even at home.

It otherwise also remains a pretty decent looking movie, with its setting, sets, costumes and lighting. It most definitely isn't a typical cheap looking B-flick. It actually looks like it is set in the old west, though at the same time it is a bit of a fantasy world of course. It certainly is a very exaggerated movie, in just about every regard imaginable, including its world, characters, dialog and action.

These type of movies must be the most fun ones to do for Danny Trejo. He really plays the central role in this movie. A hero while still being a bit of a villain as well and a script that provides him with plenty of dialog and action to handle. It doesn't exactly have the name and reputation of a 'Machete' movie, but these movies are just as 'Danny Trejo' as any 'Machete' movie. He is not a great actor in these movies, but his presence and charisma alone is more than enough. I also quite enjoyed Jake Busey as the main villain. It is not necessarily a typical villainous Jake Busey part. He actually plays his role quite subtle and different from his usual 'psycho' parts.

Especially story-wise not the best movie to watch, but it knows to bring plenty of entertainment with its solid action and crazy fun characters and scenes.


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