As far as originality is concerned, this one is a pretty decent one, that tries to combine many different genre elements and does this pretty successfully.

It is hard to place this movie under just one category, which in this case is a good thing. It is definitely more a drama than anything else really, though at same times it seems to turn into something completely different. It has tons of thriller elements in at, as well as plenty of mystery, but thing that is also true about this movie is that it at all times remains a story-driven one. No cheap tricks or scares to spice things up, but instead a very grounded movie, despite some not so everyday themes and elements.

The movie does a pretty decent job setting up its mystery and handling is tension. It is a somewhat slow moving movie as far as its mystery is concerned, but this doesn't make the movie unpleasant. It gives you just enough to still remain interested in the story and keep you intrigued with its mystery. It doesn't always work and the movie does in fact still drags a bit at parts when it goes on too long about something or starts to feature one or two needless distractions in it, but overall the movie remains a solid enough one, as far as its story and storytelling is concerned.

It still isn't always the best made movie though. Especially its budget shines through at parts, or rather said, its lack of budget. It at times has a movie TV like look to it and the storytelling and acting just can't always conceal this.

The acting still helps to make the movie a more credible and effective one. In some regards the acting is a bit off, the main character for instance looks nothing like a 18-year old, but the acting itself remains quite good and is part of the reason why it becomes such a perfectly watchable one.

It is not a perfects- or deeply thought provoking movie by any means, but it is a pretty decent and effective one, if you are in the mood for something different and original.


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