While this is a very formulaic- and therefore also very predictable movie, it actually is a pretty well made one. Well, for TV standards anyway.

Just imaging a more light version of "Misery". It basically uses the same main plot line, with only a few changes here and there. Definitely not the most original movie out there, but I am in this case not complaining too much about it, since the movie itself remains a perfectly watchable and enjoyable one.

It is never the most convincing movie story-wise, but for thrillers this doesn't always matter too much. They often use exaggerated stories and characters anyway, as long as things are still being told in an effective and engaging enough way. That for most part is being the case for this movie. It is still kind of ridicules how the main character gets close to the 'psycho', especially since it is very obvious from the first moment on that there is something wrong with here. Definitely nothing subtle about it. It is a bit too over-the-top all and it also certainly goes at the expense of the movie its tension, but it luckily doesn't really get in the way of its entertainment value.

It maybe isn't the most eventful movie action-wise, but it is never a slow movie as well. It doesn't waste any time on long dialog, needless characters and pointless side-plots. It is a fairly straightforward movie, which adds to its pleasantness, in this particular case. It is fast going, with a pleasant pace and there always is plenty happening in it, though never the most exciting things.

The movie is pretty good looking, with a pleasant style to it. It is moody and atmospheric, without ever becoming anything too depressing and dark. Simply well directed, with some fine cinematography as well. For TV standards of course.

The acting is all less impressive though. I certainly wasn't too fond of Chelsea Lopez. Too much psycho and not enough subtlety. Her character also never really works out as all that scary or threatening, mostly because her character and actions all feel too forced.

Despite all its weaknesses it remains a fine movie, for what it is. The TV crowd is definitely going to enjoy this one, though it is doubtful that is going to blow anyone away with its lacking tension and true originality.


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