It is only 10 years ago that Japenese horror was at an all time high, mostly thanks to the success of "The Ring" and "The Grudge" movies. It however quickly died down again and people lost interest in the genre, as the movies still differ quite a lot from the 'normal' western genre approach. This movie is also quite different from the average genre attempt, but that of course doesn't mean it is a bad or unwatchable one.

The pace, the tension, the scares. It is all something you perhaps should get accustomed to first, in order to fully appreciate it. It is not a very fast moving movie and it most definitely also isn't the most eventful one, but thing I liked about it was how it was more story and character drive than anything else really. Not that the story and characters also work out as the most interesting ones, but the approach ensures that the movie still works out as something original enough.

It is a movie that feels a bit over the place with its story and storytelling, but once you really pay attention to things it should become obvious to you that it actually is a pretty cleverly constructed. I just think that people will still call- and experience it as confusing since they expect a different movie. A more streamlined and formulaic horror flick, which this movie just isn't. It is an American production, starring mostly American actors, but it most definitely is still mostly a very Japanese movie to watch.

Most of the horror comes from its mystery and buildup, so please don't expect tons of scare moments and lots of kills and monsters, or anything of that sort. I for one definitely liked this approach, though it does make the movie needlessly slow and complicated to watch at parts. I also just can't call it a great movie, but it remains a pretty interesting and decent one, as it is.

The movie does a good job creating a certain atmosphere for the movie. It is dark and ominous, almost nightmare like at parts. It visually is a great looking movie, with its camera-work, settings and effects. A low budget production that in no way ever looks or feels like a low budget production as well.

Not everyone is going to be able to like watching- and appreciate this movie, but that is OK. Not all movies are made for everyone. Personally I liked its approach and atmosphere, though I also really can't call it a great movie or an absolute must-see.


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